Tuesday, December 5, 2017

'Tis The Season

To be cold... and seek a warm, comfy place to enjoy a cup of something hot and read something you enjoy.

Ascension has been FREE for a few days and should be the rest of this week.
I found out how to get the word out a little better just this week by adding the # or a @ depending upon where I was posting.
As a result the free ebook was doing wonderfully getting to #1 in the Fantasy category, #5 in psychics and #9 in Vampires, last night and in Free Kindle bookstore it had gone to #158.
And it didn't end there.
This morning the rank in Kindle Free was #120
#1 in Fantasy
#2 in Psychics
#2 in vampires
That was at 4:30 this morning (when I'm up and getting ready to go to work.)

After that I couldn't keep track of it at all as I'm driving a bus. It's come down off that high, but it had a pretty good run.
However, the great part about having people get the first book free, and they like it, they try and find more by that author. The beauty of having a series out is that the rest of the books usually sell well there after.

Hoping for some sales, now, has been a few so far. I think it shouldn't be too long before they begin selling. But just in case...
This is my author's site on Amazon, and you can see everything I've written/published, which includes my short stories. But from there you can see the next books in the series.
Or you can scroll down this page and find them all here.
Happy surfing!

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