Friday, January 26, 2018

Meandering Thoughts

Hello, my pretties. Since last time, as you all know, the weather was harsh to us. But now it has turned a slight corner, and we've enjoyed brief moments of 40's one day, and 20's the next.

But I'm not here to talk about the weather. I've had these various thoughts touring my brain for days, and just had to get them down, so here it goes.

Promise this isn't "Fake News", but it should be enjoyable.

The Logic Behind it?

Let's say for a lark you and a friend went to a psychic for a reading. She tells you a lot of stuff about yourself you have to wonder how she knew. At the end she tells you you'll meet a tall, dark and handsome stranger--like that's original, right?
Then, as a bonus, she gives you numbers for a winning lottery. You are more than a little dubious, wondering why she'd give you a winning number at no extra cost.
You smile and say, "Thanks, but give me the numbers you're going to play, instead."

It's Inevitable

The weather has turned for the worse. You can't even get down the street on foot, let alone drive anywhere. The mayor, the sheriff's police and various other important public people get on TV and tell people to pleast stay home if they don't need to go out.
Naturally, a half hour later, there's an hundred car pile-up on a major highway, because everybody decided they had to go some place.

How's That?

David and Louise Turpin (the couple who are accused of keeping their children chained to beds, starved, and tortured them), have plead "Not guilty".

If I were the prosecuting attorney I might say something like, "So let me get this straight. Your thirteen children chained themselves to beds, refused to eat, go to school, and you just went on with every day life?"

Well, this is all I've got for now. I could say something about Trump, but I figure everyone else is probably on that.

Next time, I'll tell you, and show you, what I've been up to to keep myself amused during this cold weather stuck indoors.


  1. I sometimes wonder if the meteorologists are taking money from the milk and bread lobby to panic at the first sign of snow so that people will rush to the stores to stock up on dairy and sandwiches.

  2. Yes, and the hardware stores for other various needs as well, William!

  3. I admit it, I've done my share of neck craning and checking to see if the streets really are empty, lol. Of course, the Boss never agrees for employees to stay off the streets.

    I'd like winning numbers to the lotto! Mine never even win me my dollar back.

    Some people are really screwed up, and don't deserve the opportunity of a trial.

    Stay warm :)

  4. I do not understand how that couple can get away with pleading not guilty. They're monsters.

  5. Exactly what my thinking was, Norma!


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