Saturday, February 3, 2018

A Good Brush is Hard to Find

Well, not really.
I've posted a few of the paintings (watercolors), I've done over the winter on facebook, but thought I would show it all off here.

First of all, today I purchased a set of watercolors in tubes, and a large set of pain brushes.

Below, I was working on this painting. The sun in it had come out a little lopsided, as seen in photo below. I've  fixed it and tried out my tube paints and new brushes.

The one above and the one below are my minis they're 4"x 6". I've painted several this size first, because I just wanted to get used to the medium. I've only painted in oils and acrylics before, back when I was in school (a half a lifetime ago).

As you can see, I've done alright.

Below is my favorite painting of the sunflowers. This was done using a picture of sunflowers that I've actually grown myself. I like using a photo of some sort to go by. The southwest painting was done combining two photographs I had from a trip to Taos, N.M.

The painting below I used a calendar photo of a lighthouse. I've been working on another, but I'm not ready to reveal it, yet.

So, this is what I've been working on this winter in my spare time. Yeah. I'm taking another hiatus from writing. I'm so far ahead of what I want to do with writing, I'm just going to veg and do my art for a while. Especially since I spent money on a new set of 24 watercolor tube paints. I'm going to hang them on my wall--my brag wall.


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