Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spell of Dark Castle, sequel

Finally, after so many years of waiting to get this one out, it's here. Sequel to Spell of the Black Unicorn

It's a romping fantasy that takes place on Zofia's planet, where anything goes, since my imagination knows no bounds. Where Zofia meets an alchemist from 18th century (really much older), Earth, named Saint Germain.

Here is description as it is on Amazon:
After Zofia and her family return to their world, everything should be fine... but is not.

Zofia's first assignment as a Knight is to go to Dark Castle under cover as an Ugwump - mortal - to spy on the owner, Saint Germain, who is believed to be a vampire.

On her trip to Dark Castle, Zofia meets Myron; a vampire with many secrets. After they encounter the handsome Saint Germain, Zofia uncovers truths about his past... and about their attraction for each other.

It's hardly enough description for a book that's over 600 pages long. Here is what I sent them to put into description, and reads almost like a book itself, but here is a more detailed description which does it justice.

Zofia and family return to their world. All should be happy, but is not. Although son, Eltony, is thrilled about going to a school where he can practice his sorcery, his sister, Blanch, is moody and depressed, mostly about missing her 16th birthday, but finds that such a party is set up in her honor in a castle, and she suddenly has many suitors.

In the meantime, jealousy drives a wedge between Zofia and husband, Dorian, when Stephen has made sure of Zofia's nomination as a Knight (First woman Knight in ages). Her first assignment is to go to Dark Castle under cover as an Ugwump (mortal), librarian in order to spy on the owner, Saint Germain, who is believed to be a vampire. (But he is really an 18th century Earth alchemist who has successfully made the Elixir of Life, which has kept him alive for centuries.)

During her travel to Dark Castle, Zofia meets Myron, who she realizes right away is a vampire. But she has a secret too, so they agree to keep one another's secrets. Myron helps with her trunks up the long stairs to Dark Castle. Although Myron was retained by St. Germain to help get her there safely, it's obvious Myron has different ideas. Fortunately, Zofia is above his vampire tricks.

The next day she meets Saint Germain. While he is practicing a dueling match with his servant Jacques, his is wounded, but the wound heals quickly, so suspicion grows for Zofia. But, no one is as they seem, and Jacques, in turn, becomes suspicious of Zofia. She learns his big secret in due time. What Zofia uncovers about the handsome Saint Germain is unexpected. So is their attraction for each other.

Zofia, who is pregnant, tries to keep this a secret for as long as she can, but St. Germain figures this out soon enough.

Dorian, meanwhile, is on the trail of a cult that is at work in the village. They have a fiendish plot to bring forth monsters who once ruled their planet. Zofia's and Dorian's paths cross as they make attempts to stop them, but these rogue wizards are using Dark Castle's powerful ley lines, and St. Germain's time-travel invention, to bring forth an alchemist from the past. It is later learned he and St. Germain were once mortal enemies.

Attempts on Zofia's life come from all directions—from cunning vampires, to a contriving waitress, to wicked wizards—and yet she manages to out maneuver them one way or another until they finally capture her for the wizards' final spell to bring back the monstrous (half-man and half-crocodile) Helsingas.

Will Saint Germain's use of the Philosopher's Stone help him save both Zofia and Dorian in the end, and can they stop the wizards' powerful spell before their world is taken over by these ten-foot beasts? Will Zofia and Dorian reconcile, or is it too late for them?


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