Tuesday, June 5, 2018

A Rose by Any Other Name...

We're lucky to live on Afton Forest Preserve. It's a replanted prairie. Flowers that you will never see anywhere else are grown here on purpose. Even the waterlilies have been planted by hand. Back-breaking work.

Above is the prairie rose. There are "shooting stars" and "spiderwart" two plants I hadn't seen since I lived in the small town of Cortland and walked the railroad tracks (something I don't advise), until we moved here. 

I take walks when I have the chance and my normal route takes me on a paved path, which, to-and-back gives me a good mile.

I get up the last hill, and go up to the observation deck (seen below).

This was a strangely beautiful morning, with the sun poking out of the clouds.

I try and go early to miss most of the dog walkers. When I go later, I just stay on the drive. Twice around gives me a mile also.
This is the view of wetlands (which some mistakenly call a "lake"), from the observation tower.

The trail doesn't end there, and if the grass is dry I hike on in the general direction of those distant trees you see in background, then there's another bridge and I'm almost home. This also gives me a good mile walk, perhaps more. I haven't done that walk in a while. I like to go mid-day, but only when the weather isn't hot & muggy, and there's less people in the park. All the dog-walkers have been and gone around lunch time. There's times when I get the park to myself (and Dennis who mows).

Here are a few more pictures of the prairie rose. When you get within range, the aroma is wonderful!

My summer break is going well. I just need to stop working so damned hard.
More later on.


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