Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Summer and keeping cool

Living in the country has its advantages. You don't have close-by neighbors, and we get to see nature, like deer, raccoons, chipmunks. weasels, and so forth, do their thing. Right now the mother deer have dropped their babies, and they are loping after the mother when she darts across the yard, or park or field.

Each week something new comes to pass. The catalpas finally blossomed, nearly a month late, but boy are they fragrant!

The flowers are quite pretty, and very large. When they fall, it looks like snow on the ground. We have 4 trees, and the smallest one has been flowering for 5 years, I think.

This morning we discovered tiny toads hopping through the grass, or on gravel etc. They're smaller than a thumbnail, so they hatched over night. Not sure how they come about, but when you see them you may think the grass is alive.

And the disadvantages of living in the country is bugs. This is the season when your cologne is spelled "OFF", because you'll be eaten alive by deer flies, mosquitoes and other things that want to take a chunk out of you.

Every summer we hope to have cooler weather, but looks like we aren't going to get our wish. We've had 90's already and are expecting more this weekend. No cooking out. My husband, who works out doors all day doesn't relish the thought of standing in the heat swatting annoying flies. So, it will be the indoor sort of things you can eat.

I'm about to have some ice cream with strawberries on top. Anyone with me??


  1. The blossoms are a welcome sight to see.

    Here the bugs start with blackflies, out in the country. Then after three or four weeks they die off, but get replaced by mosquitoes.

  2. Oh, I know, William. It's always something. Black bugs (aka picnic bugs) tend to come out now as well. Take a beer outside, and you'll get them land on you.


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