Sunday, September 23, 2018

Opening Sentences

Some say the opening sentence in a book should be the hook that keeps the reader reading.
Earlier this week I was given a chance to send my opening sentence of Ascension to the Book Life Editor, and did so. This is apparently a little contest they have on a monthly bases. I don't expect to win.

However, I thought this was a pretty good idea for a blog post and thought I would plop the opening sentences of each of my novels down here. Not just from Sabrina Strong series, but my other books as well. So, here goes. Let me know if you feel any one of them urges you to find the book at Amazon, and at least read on.

The full moon poured silvery light down around me as I arrived about eight minutes late for my job interview with a vampire.

Cold, hard ground beneath me--it was as though every bone in me had been broken.

A sudden hot flash blazed through me

"You're cooking the gravy too hard!" Grandma Rose grumbled, peering over Constance's shoulder.

The man with shoulder-length dark blond hair and edgy smile sat motionless in the shadows, in a wooden bar chair, waiting.

He wiped the blood from his mouth.

"Mistress Zofia!" The peevish voice jolted Zofia out of the dream she was having.

His lips moved against her ear, sending shivers of pleasure down her spine

"I can't do this!" Margo said, her voice shaking, on the verge of tears.

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