Sunday, September 16, 2018

Trill 5 Star Reviews

I guess I have a collection of good reviews. Not all my reviews are in this category, but it's encouraging. Encouraging me to continue to get the series done, for sure.

I have the top 5-star reviews below:

5.0 out of 5 starsGolly
on August 27, 2016
Read the first of the series, fell in love with the characters and bought the second. Read through that in two days, and have just purchased the third of the series. These are excellent, I will be purchasing all of the books in the series. I thoroughly enjoy the characters and their interactions, the settings are imaginative and her writing is quite enjoyable. The language can be a bit coarse on occasion, and the sexual content is vivid. All in all, an entertaining series.
on August 30, 2018
This is Donna again. Another page turner with Trill. Lorelei's writing makes me feel like I'm right there. Sabrina isn't boring at all. She's constantly getting hit with something. If it isn't a possessive vampire, it's demons that want to kill her, and now her best friend was bit and is a vampire. Love the pace of the story. Next is Nocturne. Can't wait to get started.

on March 23, 2017
Excellent take on vampires and the Sybil idea is intriguing, I am looking forward to the next installment as Sabrina comes into her own

on March 9, 2017
Wow!!! I thought the first book in the series was good but I think this one topped it.
You know a good author when you can imagine yourself in the book and this author has it in spades! The characters really come alive for you.
I hope to read lots more from this author and would highly recommend this series to others. I plan on reading everything I can get my hands on, too.
on June 3, 2016
Wonderful follow up to the 1st in the series (Vampire Ascending) - I feel like I have not lost my place in the story at all!! So many wonderful characters, twists and turns - (and easy to keep straight on all of them!!) -Sabrina learns more about herself and her role in the Vampires world - and shifters and... (that would be telling... lol) - Cannot say enough about this series - off to #3 - then #4.. not surfacing for air until I am done!!!
on July 14, 2015
Holy Moly there's a lot of action, betrayals, hidden agendas, claims and power trips happening in this book... gotta love it. Excellently crafted story with fascinating characters. Great second book with answers and more unanswered.

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