Thursday, March 14, 2019

Spring is SPRING-Y

I know we are not the only ones who are sick of winter. It's been colder than cold. Even when it warms up for a while, it dips back down. This hasn't been easy on me, since I drive a bus for a living, and the building where we have always been able to park has been closed down for the whole effing year, doing major upgrading. Not that it will make any difference to anyone. 
So, where I and eighteen other people who drive buses park, it's a looooong frigging walk just to pee.
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I've been waiting to see snow melt. And I don't mean a few inches. I mean FEET! Snow drifts, and snow piles all around our yard has taken up until this week to actually diminish. We stayed in 50's last night and finally, any snow that snuggled up to the house is gone, save for a few bravely clinging ice patches on the sidewalks.

I wish I could do/say this. I worry too much about being socially acceptable.

Our resident deer have come to the backyard to rest and chew their cud. They stay out there because it's away from the park, and we're not in the yard. But, one visitor came along. A hungry 'possum. I watched as it roamed the yard, heading straight for a large female. The deer, who didn't git up, but bent it's head as if to say, "Hey! Jerk, stay out of my personal space!"
The 'possum suddenly saw what was in front of her, and she made a quick detour, only to nearly head into two more deer laying on the ground under the white pines. I had to laugh. Animal drama is funny, some times.

Well, this has been "spring break" for NIU, that's why I'm home. Thank you!!!
I'm working on writing, which is normal for me, and why I'm avoiding a lot of other stuff. Although, I'll stop and watch "House" on Tuesdays, and "Monk" on Thursdays, which is today, so, we'll see what Monk is up to. While "House" is intriguing, one who doesn't know when to look away from the screen at the right moments, would do well not to watch that show while eating. EVER!


  1. Here the snow pack is pretty well established, but it's best that the melt be slow. Too fast and you've got conditions ripe for flooding.

  2. Agreed. Happy snow-melt watching, William (:


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