Friday, March 19, 2010

Vampire Attacks Taxi Driver

So glad I don't live in New York, or any big city.
I just got this from one of my sites.
A "vampire attacker" got into the taxi at East 130th St. and Lexington Ave., just after 3 a.m. last Saturday.

Once they arrived at his destination, the "vampire" allegedly pulled out a gun refusing to pay the cab fare and demaded money from the driver. (What? Was his thrall broken??)

When the cab driver refused to hand over the money, the "vampire" violently bit the cab driver five times on the neck, arm and back, and then walked away . . . (Okay, he didn't turn into mist, or a wolf, or bat)

Police in manhattan are now searching for him.

This reminds me of a 1970-something show in which Dennis Weaver played a detective in New York (he was from Texas), and his girl friend was doing research on vampires, and had met an old actor who had done Dracula movies, and was really, really, into his character. He was played by John Carradine who was probably 180 years old by then (or looked it), and I thought it was a blast watching it.

Okay, my question is what was that show called? This is a trivia question. No prizes, sorry.


  1. Whoa! That's a hungry little psycho vamp. Yeesh! I'd gladly find another job if I was that Cabbie.

  2. Yes. I thought that was under the category of the very strange news.
    If he were the real thing, he wouldn't have pulled the gun on him. Maybe he was practicing for a broadway play, or something??

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  4. Okay, I posted the show I thought it was and realized I needed to doublecheck my answer. The correct answer is McCloud and it ran from 1970-77. My dad used to watch the show all the time when I was very young. So now you know I am in my 40's Yikes.

  5. Thank you Juanita!
    And nothing wrong wit 40's. Wish I were that young!

    Good job.
    Let me know how you're liking my vamp blog at some point. What you might like to see as far as my blog roll. Any comments welcomed.

  6. good...../

    how to break black magic


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