Thursday, April 8, 2010

It Was NOT a Full Moon, and yet . . .

I couldn't sleep.
The writer never really sleeps. I think we write in our sleep. Possibly, and I'm sure I'm right on this, the creative mind never really relaxes. This can be said of inventors on down through the chain of creative people, musicians, writers, artists, etc.
So, when I'm on to something that is a scene that has just burst into my head, and I'm thinking "yeah, that might be something. Now how will it go?" and I go to bed, I may not fall asleep right away, or maybe I do. But at some point I wake up and then the thought is there of this scene. I'll have the characters in my mind talking, going through motions. I see them just like a motion picture. I know all writers must have this trouble sleeping. Or, if they don't they wake up with it in their heads. I do this too.
A lost of times I have a problem to solve. It seems to be an unsolvable one, but if I just allow it to germinate in my head while I sleep, I wake up with this solution and it's as though I didn't even have to break a sweat. Well, I didn't.

So, when it's not a full moon, or even when it is, if I can't sleep, that's not good because I do have a job to go to. I drive transit bus. I've had two bad days--feeling crappy because of one lousy night. Last night I took two sleeping aides and I know I shouldn't have, and today I felt like crap all day.

Tonight I'm just going to go to bed and SLEEP.


  1. You poor thing! That happens to me when I can't get my muse to be quiet. Its both fantastic and horrible! Good luck sleeping tonight, my fingers are crossed for you.

  2. Oh,Heather, I knew you would be understanding on this one.

    I did sleep last night! I think the same as you. It is fatastic that we have tapped into this amazing thing we call our muse. It just gets too agressive sometimes. Sort of like a very talkaive friend that is spending the night over---you know? SHUT UP SO I CAN GO TO SLEEEEEEP!

  3. I know what you mean. The thing is with my dreams it's not so much what the characters DO as it is what they SAY. I have--at the moment--three full notebooks of quotes from my dreams.
    Last night I woke up 5 times to write down stuff.
    I think my plot bunny is nocturnal.

  4. How intersting--you have a name for it. I like that.

    Keep those notebooks, Amelia, you will use them-even if a portion of them, or all of it,someday. I've got note books as well as journals dating back to my last year of high school. You may want to harvest from them from time to time.


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