Monday, April 5, 2010

Looking Forward

Last night we had a good old fashioned thunderstorm. This to me heralds in spring. Yesterday, my husband and I were able to open up a window and listen to the birds-- robins, red wings, and one male pheasant, making sounds that we didn't get to hear all winter. So here's to looking forward to spring, and say good bye to dull winter.

I'm a pagan and so don't celebrate Easter, but I celebrate life. This was why I named this post "Looking Forward". I think we all do too much looking backward, thinking we should have done this or that differently. Or memories pop up and you really don't want to remember that. I have memories hit me out of the blue that I have not thought about in ages. So, my motto this year is "Looking Forward". Looking forward means I'm working toward something I hope will work out for me in a publishing way. I don't know. I'm still unsure of my writing, I don't know if I can get past the laser eye of a publisher or not. I don't have the $$ to ask someone to edit for me. My husband--my biggest supporter any writer could have--tells me "Just write, and don't worry about what happens." I love that man.

My weekend was spent getting a jump start on Spring Cleaning. You know the cobwebs that tend to collect in places you just haven't touched, and moving furniture to get them behind it. Washed some windows and so forth. I wanted to get that done yesterday, so I could spend time writing today.

This morning I worked on a scene that was revolving in my head all night, and had to replace what I'd had from before. Before, my character "Bill" was an angel. Now, I've made him somewhat sinister. He's a Nephilim, and has designs on Sabrina.

Sabrina, my protagonist, is finding she's suddenly got too many male suitors--two of which are vampires, a werewolf has known her in his altered state, (while she was howling it up in her were-persona), and is found often camped out in her driveway on his Harley. But he doesn't appeal to her in his human state. But then, she's got the perfect boy friend, Dante who is a shifter. Currently, he's a dog. He shifted down to a mouse in order to spy, and now it's a difficult shift back up, and he's doing it in stages. The black lab thing was just too simple, since I've owned one, and a golden as well. (Love dogs.) Dante's usual animal is actually a black jaguar. He's pretty no matter what. He's also part Native American, and shaman. I packed a lot into his character, I needed him to become Sabrina's partner, friend and lover in the very first book.

The hard job of writing is getting the scenes in order. I like to write ideas out on note cards before I write too many of them. I get them all into an order and see how the story will flow. I then write out the chapters on note cards, label the chapter number above, and see where I'm at. I'm able to see when I'm at a midway point. The chapters usually tell me. Any where at about twelve through eighteen is the middle portion of the book--I'm figuring. Something huge has to happen in the middle, in order to avoid the dreaded story sag (and sag of interest). So I'm saving some stuff to go there.

The ending is a bit jumbled in my head right now, but I know where I'm going. I see the road, I try to keep on track and enjoy the views along the way. But I'm always looking forward.


  1. As long as you can see the path before you, you'll get there! Love the sound of Dante's character by the way.

  2. Cool. Who wouldn't?He is Sabrina's anchor in her personal storm.


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