Thursday, September 30, 2010

Call for Halloween Stoires!

Okay, I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE Halloween!

When I was young, I couldn't get enough. When I got too old to trick or treat, I began decorating the house, putting speakers into the windows with the spooky sounds, and enlisted the help of a younger brother, and a couple of nephews to be my "spooks". I had one hidden in a pile of leaves, who I had rustle around and maybe make some noises. One was dressed up as a dummy, seated next to our door with his gloved hand flopped over the railing. He was instructed to not move until someone came to the door. And then he would merely move his hand. Believe me, our house was dubbed the "spookiest" house in all of Cortland--it was one of few 2 story houses along the main street, back then. And if anyone wanted the coveted prize (hand dipped caramel apples, me and my family made ourselves), then they had to get as far as the door. Moooahahahahaha!

Any of you have any stories you wish to share about your favorite, Halloween? Or your worst? It can be spooky, or just something fun/funny, but it has to be true.

Please feel free to send it to me at I'll post the stories here--one per week--throughout the month. If you have a ghost story, instead, I'll take those too, but again, it must be true.

At the end of the month, I'll pick the best out of all, according to the responses, and send the winner a small Halloween gift! I like to treat as well as haunt and scare!

Okay. You've only got 30 days and 8 hours until Halloween before my contest is over. Let's see what you've got!!!


  1. I love Halloween stories, but I can't think of an exciting one I've had. I'll give it a thought.

  2. I'll see how this goes. It can be about a time when you went trick or treating too! Not just when you were an adult.

  3. I love Halloween too!!!

    On a side note--keep me updated on the whole e-book thing. I was trying to find your email on the site and couldn't. :( I have some questions.

  4. Yes. Sarah. It's way down at the very bottom, left. I've also a facebook badge on the very bottom right hand side.

  5. Update: I've included my gmail address above, in the post and re-wrote instructions, just so that it might be a bit easier. I'll take any story you can think of, it doesn't have to be really amazing. Just some memory from a Halloween. Even a prank, if you wish!


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