Saturday, October 2, 2010

New Film Made In Nearby Town of Sycamore IL.

But don't get excited. This is a low budget film and will be submitted to the Sundance Film Festival when it is finished in December or January.

"Afraid of Sunrise" is described as "very different" vampire film, by Andy Schatner, who wrote the script, along with director Justin Romine. With a budget of $3,000, and just this last Wednesday was the first day of filming in the Stratford Inn, in Sycamore Illinois. The 50 crew members, extras and actors will head to Belvidere, Rockford and Chicago during the next few weeks, hoping to finish filming at the end of this month. Many of the actors and actresses are local, some of who responded to cast calls on

Clips of the scenes from the film can be found on the producer's website,

What's so different about this film from others. Their vampires "don't sparkle" and takes a grittier approach to vampires than those of the Twilight epic. The story takes place in the near future, where vampires are known to exist and are running rampant and the government--a police state--tries to use surveillance in society. "That's the underlying theme of the film," Schatner said. Schatner has acted in numerous films, and has written the script for "Afraid of Sunlight", a short version of a full-length one they would like to some day produce.

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