Thursday, November 18, 2010

Edits Are Done!

Yes. The edits of my book are finished! They arrived (disk via snail mail) on Tuesday. I conquered them in two nights. I simply have a system, and since I didn't have any trouble with the changes--mainly spelling, grammar, some punctuation, and mostly extra spaces--I was able to merely copy the document onto another document and went through to double check, and it went really fast.

I've just sent the chapters in segments that ranged from 90-31 pages, and that took me 10 minutes to send 5 emails with attachments out. Hopefully they arrived and are awaiting Yolanda's laser-eyes to make sure things are good.

Now I sigh slightly, and have a nice white zin while I write this.

The possibility of this book being available end of the month rests in Coppherhill's hands at the moment.


Because I was on this short hiatus, I've been unable to post anything, obviously. And my other host bloggers are quiet as well. I know why Sumiko hasn't submitted, and that is understandable. When life happens, we are unable to do much about it, so I'll have to pick up the slack here.

I hope to this weekend.

I've been working on the third novel in the vampire series, and have made a little progress on who my villain is, and have written--as I so often do--a scene ahead of where I am. I write what's in my head. It's not always in sequence. I can fill things in. And another scene I've been thinking about is there, but--well, I've got 5days off from work for Thanks Giving coming up, and that will probably be when I begin to find time to work on it. (I have plenty on my To Do List)

I've advised Yolanda (editor for Copperhill), that I hope to send her the next book--which she is very excited about reading--in January. I hope to do edits--to my best abilities--during our Christmas break, which we, at Huskie, have learned will be 3 weeks, not the normal 2. It will be a lean, lean Christmas, here in the Bell house. So, to work on the book is what I will do, working when we are able to (about 10 days prior, and maybe 5-6 after). My husband has taken the second shift, and I have taken the first shift for those days we do drive a limited service for the NIU buses. Then we go on unemployment. Yippee.

Well, my hope is that Vampire Ascending sells like eggnog on a cold Christmas Eve. I will be contacting the manager at Borders as soon as I know this is available. Or sooner. I may jump the gun and try and get in on anything going on in December for a signing.

When I get information on the book; when, where, how much, etc. I will post it all over the place, so stay tuned.


  1. What a beautiful cover! It's perfect, I love it! Congrats on getting your edits done. My fingers are crossed that it will out before Christmas and the sales will be through the roof for you!


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