Monday, November 22, 2010

Words & Dialogue

Tillie eyed Dorian. They stared at one another for a long moment. Zofia wasn't sure if they were putting hexes on one another, or just trying to win a staring match.

Just when Zofia thought she should intervene, Tillie spoke up. "I, on the other hand, have in my possession two Grimoires." He snowy eyebrows dancing high. To have even one Grimoire in one's possession on Euphoria was against The Code of Ethics, thus both Zofia and Dorian were both staring at her dumbfoundedly.

"You do?" Dorian broke the stunned silence. There was a dark, conspiratorial glint in his eyes to go with his crooked grin. "I would never have guessed you, of all people, to possess such a thing." His sarcasm wasn't lost on Zofia.

"Where on Ugwump World would you come across two Grimoires, Aunt Tillie?" Zofia asked, astonished.

"Ive my sources," she said airily.

"Oh Ebay?"

The look of superiority deflated on Tillie's face. "Yes," she hissed lightly.

The above is from my book Spell of the Black Unicornn.

I had fun with my characters in this book. Dorian is Zofia's husband--who was once a wizard, now he's a vampire and wants to be turned back to his former self.

Tillie is a wizened sorceress--obviously she has resources at her disposal.

What do you notice about the conversation above? How do the three interact with one another? Who seems to have control of the situation? Dorian has a droll sense of humor, but he certainly knows how to insult his wife's aunt. It's almost a relationship one might see between a mother-in-law and son-in-law. But that's really what this is, since Zofia's parents both perished when she was young, and Tillie raised her.

Now, let's see how things turn around in this scene:

"I don't suppose you could look through them to find some sort of counter curse, or spell, could you?" Dorian asked.

Knobby finger tapping her chin, she hummed in thought. "I might."

"Please, Ottillie? I'd be forever in your gratitude."

Tillie smiled with a sinister gleam in her eyes. "A Grandier showing me gratitude--and pleading! I'll be a troll's fanny! I think I like that. I like it a lot. But you'll owe me, Grandier . . . and much more than mere words of gratitude, I'm thinking. After all, besides Zofia with the Stone, I'm the only one on First World who can perform any complex spell which might return your soul, and change you back into a wizard again."

"I-I can't use the Stone to--" Zofia started, but Dorian interrupted.

"Anything, Ottillie. Name it. If it's within my powers, I promise I'll grant it," he said.

"Seal of Katowice?" Tillie held up her left hand, palm out to him, index and middle fingers crossed as were the third and pinkie in the sacred pledge.
Dorian held up his hand in the same way. "Seal of Katowice."

Clapping her hands, Tillie jumped up and down excitedly, her braids became white ropes with life of their own."So mot it be!" She stopped jumping. "Tonight I'll look through my Grimoires." She pointed at Dorian with her crooked finger. "Mark my words, Dorian, you'll not regret this . . . neither will I." And then she left them.

excerpts from Spell of the Black Unicorn copyright by Lorelei Bell


  1. This sounds like a really fun book!

  2. It was. From the very beginning Zofia got the best of me, and Dorian followed along in his own not-crazy-about-being-a-vampire way.


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