Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Anti-Cruelty To Vampire Socitety

I am a member of the Anti-Cruelty To Vampire Society. I'm the first member, in fact, since as far as I know, I've just made it up.

So, what's it all about? Well, just as it says. I'm all for fair treatment of all vampires. I mean, really, we've been cruel to them in films and books down through the years. How can you not feel a little pity?

Well, Nosferatu was a pretty ugly vampire, I'll admit, but still. . .

When I think of all the films made, as well as books written where the vampires were staked, burned, be-headed, drowned and so forth, I simply felt sorry for the poor guy/gal. He seems to be saying "Hey, what's a vampire gotta do to get a good quick meal on the fly?"

I used to watch Bela Lugosi sweeping Lucy down to his crypt to hide her away from the men who were hunting him. Sort of a dumb idea, and if I were a vampire of Dracula's ilk, I would have found a better place to hide. He had to have known Van Helsing would know to look for him there.

Of course later on the movies which were made got a little more sophisticated, and the vampire seemed to have wised up a little more. And the old standard of the tails and tie sort of were dashed to smithereens when finally someone decided to make Dracula sexy. I mean when I saw Frank Langella do Dracula I said, "Now there's a hunk!"

The whole idea that Dracula was evil finally was shed in this 1979 Universal Pictures film version of Dracula, which was originally a Broadway play.

The books have also gone from making the vampire an evil creature to get rid of, and now perky women are making love to them. Go figure.

Seems we've gone from one extreme to the other. Although there are some books which do give better twists on the vampire lore and how we look at them, or treat them.

I'm all for giving the guys (and gals) who shun the sunlight and follow a strict liquid diet a little break. Allow them the intelligence to create their own societies under the noses of the world at large who have no idea that the person they might see getting on an elevator in a fancy hotel might be a vampire, or a werewolf, or a shape shifter.

So, I guess I'm asking if any of you wish to be a member of ACTVS? Maybe I need some sort of membership badge. What do you think?

All who want to see the vampire get the girl and live happily ever after, just let me know in comments. Or whatever you feel about vampires in general. Join up, if you feel as strongly as I do.


  1. I am all for the vampire. Seriously, they are only satisfying their appetites. Do we behead Lions for eating the lesser species? Nope! lol

  2. I'm in! I would love to be a member of the society. I've always been for the betterment and protection of the vampire. I agree about the badge - I'd love to sport a virtual badge on my blog!!!

  3. I do want to see the vampire get the girl and live happily ever after! Just so long as he isn't sparkly. I like my vampires to be real men. ;)

  4. All right, ladies. Let me see if I can't come up with some sort of badge. Give me a week to see what I can do, and I'll repost on this.

    Thanks for your support!

    Anyone else want to get in on this, leave a comment.


  5. I'm all for vampires as long as they don't sparkle...

    on the other hand if you have a werewolf society I'd love to join that...

  6. No. No sparkly vampires. I've got hungry ones, though.

    And possibly I'll look into doing a werewolf society, too, at some point.

  7. I'm in! Vampires have been subjected to too much trauma and misunderstanding. Especially by the same people who will gladly eat veal. Vampires are a predator just like any other.

    Of course, I include that making vampires into sparklepires or otherwise defanging them should be considered cruelty too.

    Looking forward to this. Can help out on a badge too.

  8. I welcome you, Raven. And glad we see fang-to-fang.

    Well, That would be great if you can help me on a badge too. I don't know how to make them at all. Or, how to get them to go on the blog. So, that would definitely help out here. Gosh, maybe we can get the word out to all who love the fanged ones? What do you think?


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