Saturday, March 5, 2011

Won Another Book! Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's Latest

I guess I'm on a winning streak. Just wish I could win the Publisher's Clearing House. I've played it for 20 years!
Anyway, I just love Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's writing. I have what I believe was her very first writing of the St. Germain novels. It is called Hotel Transylvania I have the date of 1979 on the fly of when I bought it. The pages are yellow, brittle, and the cover is somewhat tattered and I've duck tape holding it together. I think it's like a beloved teddy bear with the eyes missing, and re sewn and so forth. It might be the one novel which I have repeatedly read passages more often than any other book.

For those of you who are not familiar with the St. Germain story, I'll give you a little bit here. St. Germain was a real person in history, and he was thought to have discovered the philosophers stone--which was to give a person immortality. A few years ago I did research into both St. Germain and the philosopher's stone because I was writing my own novel in which I had St. Germain play a major leading character. This was a second book in my Zofia Trickenbod series, which I've yet to try and continue with a different publisher (Infinity Publishers published the first in series).

But, back to St. Germain, and Yarbro's story. She has made St. Germain a vampire in her series, and even though I have not had the opportunity to read any other of her books, I've always wanted to. I'll probably read this and have to get the other books. The series is one which is not written in any chronological way, and each book, as I understand, can stand alone and we can read the adventures of this cunning man who was also accredited with being able to "grow" precious jewels, and often offered them to the ladies of royalty--which is what, from the description of this novel, looks as though he is doing.

I've tried to win another of her books about a year or so ago. I'm very thrilled that I was some how lucky enough among 25 entries (comments) over at Patricia's Vampire News.

Later today, I'm going to cash my royalty check, and for once take advantage of the sale going on at Office Max. They had a 15% sale going on--a paper bag whatever you can fit inside it is 15% off and today is the last day of the sale! So, I'm in a good place, I don't care what the weather is doing outside, I'm shopping!

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