Thursday, March 24, 2011

Anti-Cruelty To Vampires Society

Alright, everyone who showed interest in the Anti-Cruelty To Vampire Society--here is the badge. If you want it, you may grab it from my blog here, but please post something so that I know that you have one.

My good friend John worked tirelessly on this for three days, loosing sleep over it (lol), and he made adjustments, working on the font and so forth for this badge. I think John can take a bow on this.

So, what do you guys think? Give feedback, especially if you grab it from this post.

I'll have to come up with some rules of the society later, so that we know we actually belong to something.

Happy vampires everywhere will thank us, I'm sure.


  1. "Anti-cruelty to vampire society"? As my kids might ask, "what is this business?"
    Yes, please fill me in on the rules of this society. I have yet to grab the badge, but I am intriqued...


  2. Ooooh, I'm so excited. The badge is awesome! Tell John he did a great job. I will proudly display it on my blog. I am honored to be a member.

  3. Awesome badge! Good job John!

  4. Thanks guys, I will let John know he did an awesom job, so that he knows his hard work is appreciated.

    Jimmy, once I get a chance to think about the "rules" of this new society, I'll post it. Keep posted.

  5. I love vampires! Ok, maybe not the "dark, creepy" ones, but I still like the genre. I will be posting something soon, at my other blogsite,

    I have been working on a vampire love story, only with a twist (It's not like Twilight at all...) so, I will make a character development page of the characters, and use the badge with it. Thanks.

  6. John did a great job. It looks awesome.

    Can't wait for some rules.

  7. I'm back....What a cool idea.. I'm with James - love to have some rules with this wonderful creative badge. Great job John/Lorelei

  8. Welcome back Anita!

    I hope you've got the badge. I'm still thinking about the rules. I need to have time to work on this, yet.


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