Sunday, March 20, 2011

More Tease from Second book . . .

Morning. I'm feeling down and gloomy, not in a great mood because this is my last day of 9 days off. Plus, it's raining.

But you, my gentle readers/fans/fellow blogger-writers are in luck if you enjoy my writing. Here is a portion of chapter five if you wish to read it, just click on over to Lorelei's Archives.

It's a gloomy day, but I heard the robins singing their morning song, so that sort of cheered me up just a bit. And have decided to immerse myself into my work, thus I'll stay out of trouble for once. (As If that were possible!)

Have a good day, and if I don't post here in a while, don't worry. I'll be around. I know that I'll be exhausted after work, these next few days.


  1. Well, Lorelei, I will be starting back to work on Tuesday, so if I want to continue, I will be losing much sleep. I can relate to the "gloomy" mood.

  2. I took a nap (: Won't be able to tomorrow ):

  3. Thanks for the exerpt of chapter 5! That will definitely help brighten my rainy spring day. Sorry your vacation is over. :(

  4. You are most welcome Heather.

    Back to work you find that nothing changes.


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