Thursday, March 31, 2011

Head Spins

Well, we did ask for it. Kitchen needed to be torn out and rebuilt--from the ground up. It has been a subject of discussion for years. No. Not between my husband and I, since we don't own the house. The house is on forest preserve property, and they had to wait until the money was there. I guess. So, it has not begun as yet, but it will. Thus my life might get nuts in the next few weeks and posting will be impossible. Thus I will tell you that I'm going to be a guest on a blog on April 10th at Roxanne's Fangtastic Books. Listen up, folks: There will be a give away! Woohooo! Courtesy of Copperhill Media, my very kind publisher. E-book only for my book Vampire Ascending. So, if you have yet to get yourself any sort of copy, here is your chance, and I hope you go for it. I will repost this, should any of you miss this one. I will remind you the day before, and on the day of. The 10th is a Sunday, second week of the month. So, if you want to get a chance to win, I will have the post link up as soon as I can, and since I'm working you might want to just check in on her blog for this one.


  1. Sounds fun! (The chance to snag the book, not the kitchen destruction.)

  2. Good luck with that kitchen thing! I did it and it was no fun... until it was over.

  3. Go for it E.J.

    And thanks Lizz. I have also done this before. I'm hoping that we can endure this for the 3 weeks (I hope only 3) it will be on going!


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