Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fire Side Chat

Dennis, my husband, told me we'd be going out to breakfast at this place that opened not long ago. Last time we were there taking advantage of a great meal at an early bird price, the waitress handed us a plastic egg. You know the kind that you put out for Easter and put some little goodies in? She told us to bring it in next time in April, said we might win a meal, a drink, or . . . even a lap top computer. That would be too cool if I won that.

April showers will bring the expected flowers. Going to get into 60's and maybe 70's down south of here. Thunderstorms later. But finally, next week I see no 30's, no mention of snow, just rain. A typical April. We have not had enough rain lately, so, we need it to green things up. Grass isn't looking green enough. My husband's summer job is mowing, and Robins need the worms, so everyone will be happy.

Here are the dates to watch for in order to grab a chance to win an eBook or a softbound copy of Vampire Ascending, ( I will be re posting when it happens including the links to these blogs), APRIL 10th--that's next Sunday, folks!--I'll be a guest on Fang-tastic Books courtesy of Roxanne Rhodes (hope I spelled that right). This is for an eBook copy only. But come by and check it out. MAY 9th -- a month from now, I'll be featured on Patricia's Vampire Notes. This willl be for both the eBook and softbound, courtesy of my publisher, Copperhill Media. I will post the links when they are up, so be sure and check back here. If you're not a follower, and want to have a chance to win, you might want to click the follow button so that you can stay informed about these contests.

We brought our egg to Flippin' Eggs. We got 20% off our meal. Another couple who we know swung by after they were finished and said they'd had 40% off theirs. Maybe next year I'll win that lap top. Or, maybe I'll just buy one. And the desk of my dreams. Have a great Sunday!


  1. It's a great promotion. Never thought of using eggs. Wish the restaurants here would do that.

    Good luck with your upcoming giveaways.

  2. At least you had a nice breakfast at a good price. Fingers crossed that you win the laptop next time!


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