Thursday, April 21, 2011

Something Special from My Publisher

Today, once I got home and got the morning dishes done--which is not fun in any sense of the word. I took care of a few messages for our forest preserve, and finally after getting that business over with, I got to the computer and had a message from my publisher, Copperhill Media.

I was to go to this link and if you want to you should to. This is fabulous! I never would have thought my book could get such nice attention from a publisher, but they did this for the book. I think it looks great!


  1. That's awesome! It does look great! That has to make you kind of love your publisher. :)

  2. Lorelei, is there something wrong with your link above? I was able to view the page when I was on the Blackberry but now that I'm on my notebook I get an error.

  3. Thanks Heater. I do love my publisher, I had no idea they would do that or this book. I think that maybe they love me too?

    Dora, not sure if there's a problem with my link here. But I did change the link up on my book cover above in my side bar. That one should work.


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