Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid-week updates: Floor in Kitchen is in!

Light marble or stone, in fact it looks like a stone patio. We both like it. We can't wait to see the whole thing put together. They brought in one of the cabinets, this is for the sink. I can see they will have to consider how to go about getting the pipes through it and so forth. I'm just glad I don't have to worry about it.

Last night's fare was chili out of a can. Now, let me say this so you know, my husband is a cook. He's missed his calling, he could have been a chef. If he is impressed with something that comes out of a can, then it must be good. Wolf Texas Chili. It was fabulous! A little heat, but not something you need the fire extinguisher for. We added shredded cheese and a dollop of sour cream on top.

Tonight's fare is a deli herbed chicken from our local grocery store and a salad. Salas will be served in a Styrofoam bowl, but we'll eat our chicken on regular plates. Washing them in the bathroom sink is a challenge, but I have a system of how to get the job done. I just think of it as a little better than camping. I pour the dirty dishwater down the toilet. It's how you are supposed to do it if you are at a camping in a national forest that has something like a disposal area for dumping "gray" water--not on the ground!

I was told by a woman about my age who rides my bus once or twice a week that if a marriage can survive a kitchen make over, it can survive anything. I wanted to say, we've survived plenty more than that. This is nothing, really. We have been wanting this kitchen redone for too long. It's like looking at an ugly black spot on the rug and you just want it gone. Only this was a whole room.

But I digress.

I've begun reading Angelology. I like to sit under my brand new floor lamp and read after supper. It's my reading hour from 7-8p.m. I'm enjoying this book, so far. I want to say that Trussoni is an excellent writer, and I feel like I'm there with her characters. I don't want to ruin the plot or anything, but if you have not picked this book up and think you want to, I've a feeling she isn't going to let you down. But I'll get back to you on this.

I've also begun reading Dead In The Family, and this is one of Harris' more somber books. She does a good job in getting you up to speed, slowly through about two or three chapters. It was about a year ago I read the last one. I read this on my bus when time allows (while waiting for trains, or for my leave time from student center). At this book, she and Eric are a couple. She was wounded, almost died in last book. She's recouping in the beginning of this one from the Fae War, and Eric explains why he couldn't come to her rescue--because he was tied up with silver ropes by one of the head vampires. I think I'm going to like this because already Sookie wants to kill a vampire because of this, which surprises the hell out of Eric.

My third book's plot has been at a stand still so far, only because I wanted something dramatic to happen, something that puts Sabrina's life at risk, more so than it has so far in this book, because my villain realizes that Sabrina has been able to thwart her earlier efforts. So, I've been allowing my mind to turn over the things a little at a time. I don't like to rush into a scene any more and write it and decide I don't like the way it came out and have to rewrite it. I'd rather consider the possibilities and come to some understanding with my villain--what would they do, and how exactly would they do it, and what would happen if they foiled again?

I've been in contact with the superintendent of DeKalb County Forest Preserve, asking him for some information and pictures of a prairie burn. I hope to put this up for you all to see and read. If you recall, last week we had a fire out at Afton, and had to call the fire department to get it out. It started up from a burn that wasn't quite out, or something happened and it caught again. Many people wonder why we burn the dead prairie grasses, and I just wanted to post something on this for those of you who aren't familiar with controlled burns of replanted prairies. it is basically to keep invasive non-native plants to take a foot hold, and to put nutrients back. I just feel that it would be an interesting post.

I'm also looking to give out the Liebster award. I need to find two more fellow blogers with less than 300 followers. My problem is I CAN'T SEE THE FOLLOWERS! I can't even see my own followers. I'm not sure why this is happening.

But, I'll be doing that on the weekend too. It is nearly dinner time. By the time I am done with the few dishes I'll have, I'm going to be pooped. Driving a bus is stressful--even when things go well, it's still stressful and it takes a lot out of me any more. So, add to that the way we have to go about our daily routine without a kitchen. So, as I've stated, if I seem to be not around, this is why. I've got very little time when I get home and I just run out of energy, once I do get settled. Not only that, I've begun getting calls for shelter rentals and I have to call these people back and do that part of my forest preserve job (my second, or third hat I wear around here).

Tomorrow I will post Bumper Sticker of The Week. Very short and sweet, unless something monumental happens around here.


  1. Lorelie,

    I don't know if this is the same thing, bu I can't see my followers on my Blackberry but when I login I do see them?

    Glad your kitchen is coming along.

  2. I have no idea what's going on with me. I can't even get in my "recent posts" either. The place is blank.

    I'm hoping its the weather, or UFO's. Whatever. lol


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