Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Updates: Kitchen is Coming Along

The cabinets went in yesterday, the sink and counter top went in. I was able to wash morning dishes, this afternoon, in the kitchen for the first time in two and a half weeks! Joy! And the sinks are deeper than original. Wonderful! I can wash a crock pot out, and other such pots.

We now have 9 drawers. I once had only 3. Oh! I'll be able to fill them with different things, keeping everything in their own place. Very nice! The cupboards up and below will have more space and I'll be able to actually keep things down below the sink too. Before--yish! No way! This is an old house and the mice inhabited it quite well before we came and we figured out how to keep them down in the basement--that's all I'm saying, just in case I've got some animal activists here checking me out. Hey, it's not illegal to kill mice!

I don't have photos, but believe me, this went from something that you wouldn't let anyone see, to something we will definitely celebrate once it's all finished. Going to have a list of things we'll need, and will try and finagle a new refrigerator out of the deal. We will already get a stove, so we'll see if the fridge might be a thing we can ask for.

The other worker is a retired painter. My husband had said to him, "Figures, you retire from painting and now you'll do more painting." And he had done some patching here and there, so I know he'll be busy painting soon.

Meanwhile, I've been busy with my next book. I'm reading--when I can--a chapter a night. I've had the green light from my publisher that they can take it. But my editor (Yolanda), is a tad busy (with other novels), and I told her that I'm not quite finished with it. She's doing a wonderful job with my posts, when I send them to her, over at Frogen Yozurt. She has a knack for this stuff, and it always looks good once she's done with it.

Also, I'm into Angelology. I've gotta tell you, I'm engrossed in this story. It reads to me something like what Historian did. Only Historian was far more intricately woven. However the writing is comparable. Very good. Once I'm finished I will have a little review, but I would recommend this whole heartily. If you have been thinking of buying this one, do so. I think it will not disappoint you. I'm about half way and the story is told in 3rd person, and then in another section because of the different POV, it is told in 1st person. I'm really impressed with Trussoni's writing.

Well, here I will leave you. I do have a post coming up with Sumiko's reads, but I just have not had time to work on it, so do forgive. I think I'll work it up for this weekend.

Oh, and I'll be up watching the Royal Wedding on Friday morning--since I'll be up anyway at the time the networks will be showing it at 3 a.m.

Tah for now!


  1. Glad to see your kitchen is coming along and your novel is almost ready to go.

  2. I agree with J.L.! However, if we don't get photos soon we're all taking a road trip to see it in person!! ;)
    Seriously, it's great to hear that everything is good with you and yours.


  3. Enjoy Angelology and your new kitchen! That's awesome that it's coming along!

  4. Thanks guys. So glad to have you all along for the ride.

    Jimmy, you're invited, just bring some of tha California wine as a house warming, lol.

    If I get pictures It will be of the finished product. Right now it's all still under construction. Painter is working on the walls.

  5. I'm so jealous. I need a new kitchen so bad. Mine is okay to look at but its not 1985 anymore, so it needs to be revamped. hehe

  6. Thanks TC. Believe me,I put up with something that was so embarrassing we didn't want people in the house.

    But you never know, things could happen for you.


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