Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding of the Century

So, the prince chose his bride, commoner, Cathrine Middleton. After an 8 year romance, they have tied the knot.

I told you I would be up to watch it from the very beginning early this morning (3 a.m.), Dennis and I were nearly glued to the TV watching it, save when we had to make our lunches, eat breakfast and just get ready. The wedding took place in Westminster Abby, a thousand year old Abby, it stands at a height of 225 feet and over five hundred feet long. It is so large that they had placed trees--possibly standing 20 foot tall--along the side as they walked in. Sort of cool seeing that.

Both Dennis and I got a little teary during the 10-12 minute cerimony in which they said "I will". You have to realize as you watched the two of them, they are in love. Watching how Kate really kept so calm, and William striving to not beam like an idiot. You could tell he was happy as could be. I know the feeling of that day (Dennis does too), it is the happiest day of your married life, until you have children. But there you are in front of everyone who matters. For Kate and Prince William, the whole thing was shown on huge screens all over London and elswhere, much like that of what is in football stadiums. In fact this was such a huge event, it nearly took down the Internet. The tweets kept mounting. It was the 6th largest Web event ever.

I compare this to if the Cubs win a world series, and a couple of other such events happening at the same time, it would just be ridiculous. People just filled the streets. The bells and cheers were deafening.

Oh, and my favorite part was the carriage ride. It didn't rain (what luck!), and they had an open carriage drawn by 6 white horses. Very romantic indeed.

Kate wore her hair down. She seems to be very much down to earth, and the dress was very lovely and not overly-anything, and the train wasn't a . . . well, a train like Princess Di had.

I understand that parties are still going on and Pubs and such will be open much later tonight, so if you're there in London, you're probably just about invisible drunk right about now.



  1. I'm about to watch! Of course nowadays I can't just do one thing. I have become the queen of multi-tasking (I like where this is going so I might post it to my blog) so I'm preparing to watch it on CNN while I'm on my exercise bike. Pathetic, isn't it? I'm sure I'll shed a few tears for what could have been - Sigh.

  2. I watched it, but had it DVR'd and the broadcast cut off just before the end of the ceremony. So, I didn't see the end when they exited or anything. Anything exciting about the exit?

  3. Oh, well, they had more singing and praying, after.

    Then when they came out, the bells were just constant and loud, so were the cheers. They got into the most beautiful carriage! I missed the kiss. I only got the picture of it. Darn! It happened hours later.


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