Monday, May 9, 2011

Another Guest Blog & Contest!

Hello to all my friends, which includes my favorite stalkers and lurkers, of course!

Come on by to Patricia's Vampire Notes today and you will have a chance to win either an eBook, or a soft-bound copy. Your choice, there will be two winners—one will win the eBook and another person will win the softbound book, so if you don't care which, say you'd like either one in your comments, we will just pick winners, and I'll decide which one you'll get.

When you get done with that, I'd like you to swing by and take a look at what I've been working on: VAMPIRE ASCENDING~The Book. This is my book's blog. I had begun it when the book first came out and couldn't figure out how to promote it. Some of you don't know about it, and maybe that's my fault, mainly because I just got too busy to promote it.

But I'm prepping it now for a summer event. What's the event? I'm not ready to tell you, since summer is not quite here yet. And it has something to do with the next book's release, and I'm trying to tie it in with my birthday. This will very much depend upon followers who join, so if you have not joined yet, go there now. I am going to have a contest at some point this summer. YOU MUST BE A FOLLOWER TO WIN!

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