Sunday, May 8, 2011


I'm posting this in memory of both my own mother, who passed away when I was quite young, and Dennis' mother who passed away last September.

Flowers are always a nice gesture to give to Mom, and daffodils are very pretty, spring flowers, so here you go.

I am not a mother, and yet a whole lot of people thought I would make a great one. Probably because I could teach my children so much about life, and the things around them, and I'd sure as heck teach my daughter how to cook, sew, and all the things they need to know about . . . but I would also instill this into my son.

But you know, it's the spirit of motherhood that keeps me afloat. I love to grow things, I love to create things, and thus, the spirit of the goddess is what holds me together and keeps me taking the next step in my life, wherever it leads me.

If you are reading this today do take a moment out of your busy schedule and look around you, find a silent spot in your backyard, or in a park, listen to the birds, the wind through the trees, consider the flowers in blossom and what they are: Mothers, as they create more of their own kind through pollination and reseeding. Enjoy nature and you will be rewarded.

Violets are up and they are my favorite posy that grow in the ground. I recall picking a hand full of them and taking them to my own mother in the spring. Next to that is the lilac. You may see the pattern here, I like violet and lilac in color, too. My office is painted lilac and violet. I painted it all myself--and I have 10 ft ceilings--I think I had tennis elbow for months after.

Creativity is something I think all women have, whether they think so or not. I remember crocheting, before I got really serious into my writing, and I spent hours making anything from doilies to afghans. I made crafts too--loved doing that--and sold them in a couple of stores before the popularity of that sort of died, and the shops closed up. But I think I went back to writing before the craft vogue faded. I missed writing.

I once wrote--after returning from a long hiatus from writing--that I knew of nothing that fed my inner creative genius as writing, nothing that satisfied me as much, or gave me the thrill of accomplishment. And it wasn't just the act of writing, but if I don't have a pen and paper in hand, or sitting at my computer hammering something out or reading it through and tweaking it, I'd look quite odd to someone who knows me well (my husband). I like all the plotting, the scenes that go on in my head--yes, the voices!--and the editing. I realized at some point that the muse in me was very strong and active and if I came to a dead end in a story, I just patiently wait for her to pick it up and tell me what to do next. Sometimes we disagreed and we'd have to wait and see what more we could do with the scene. And then there is the character taking things over as well. That's spooky, but I've grown used to it.

So, as I end this, work on my second book Vampire's Trill, is coming along. And I'm still hoping to get word out about the first one Vampire Ascending. Promotions are always a tough thing to do, and it is constant. Thus, I'll announce it here: I'm appearing on Patricia's Vampire Notes TOMORROW! And as I've posted, there will be a give away, and I hope that any of you who have not had a chance to grab a copy who might want to win one, to stay tuned, I will post the link--and hope it works!!!


  1. Yes, happy Mother's day to all the ladies! Whether it is characters or people they have given birth to. Oooo a giveaway of Vampire Ascending, sounds like something not to be missed!

  2. Yep! Tell your friends! Both eBook and a softbound copy!!! TWO LUCKY WINNERS!!!

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm one of the lucky winners! I never win anything though so I'm keeping my expectations low.

    I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!


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