Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Judgement Day is Here?

I first saw this on facebook about two weeks ago. Tonight on WGN radio they were talking about it. Wish I hadn't missed out. But my husband had been listening and told me that the last time it was thought that this was about to happen was in '94. I recall it when the comet Kohotek (spelling is probably way off), when everyone was saying this was going to happen. People were on their roofs waiting. I'm not kidding!

There is no date in the Bible that says that on May 21, 2011 the world is going to end. I guarantee it.

However, I must say from the way things have been going, you'd almost believe that we are heading in that direction. I need not point at the headlines do I?

With that being said I am not going to sit on the fence with this, my friends. I'm not a believer. And if I'm to go to "hell" then so be it. My sister--the oldest--always said the the sinners were more fun anyway. Yeah, my sister cracked me up with her one-liners.

So, I'll be waiting sometime after the 21st to hear about all the stupid people have racked up thousands of dollars on their credit cards and bemoan the fact they thought the world was going to end, and just thought they would have a big old party up until then.

What are you doing on the 21st?


  1. Yeah. I'll probably be shopping in the am's then who knows later?

  2. I'll be working. Unless it's before 5pm..then I will be writing...lol. If I'm gonna go out, I'd rather go out writing! LOL

  3. I'm working so it looks like I'm going to miss the apocalypse. Bummer.

  4. I've talked to a few people, I've seen some business cards--believe it or not--on this. ONe person tried to give me one. I just can't believe people are taking this so serious! But I've heard that it's 1pm, beginning in LOndon, or England. So my English friends, let me know if you see any developments or not. I'd like to be kept in the know on this stuff!


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