Monday, May 16, 2011

Busy Day & Advice from Kate Elliott (you don't want to miss)

I was an angel today. As much as I wasn't in the mood for it, I hemmed my husband's jeans--which takes me about 45 min. now because I do it so often I know what I'm doing. I then had some house cleaning to do while he went off and mowed the park and did some other things he does out there.

My bathroom was scum on scum after two days of unusual heat and the toilet sweated. YUCK! I don't know about you ladies, but the silly wet pads that they've come out with are worthless! All it really ever does is pushes the dirt and crap around. That's not cleaning the floor at all. My husband bought me this great mop at the hardware store made by Rubbermaid. Now that was a mop! I don't mind filling a bucket and swishing it around the place at all. There's an old saying that I actually adhere to: If it ain't broken, don't try and fix it.

I mopped the bathroom floor first and I was certain it was clean after finding that the other stupid worthless wet pad left everything. Then, on to my new kitchen floor to get up at least some of the heavier spots. I wasn't prepared to do the whole floor as yet. I went on and got some dirty spots by the front door, and did some vacuuming, and that was all the time I could devote to the house. I had several things to take care of on the blogs today and get back to my publisher for an interview. But before I did that, I went and cut myself some lovely lilacs for the house.

I'm currently reading through my second book and that's going fine. But today I barely got to that because of everything I had to take care of today. So, feeling somewhat distracted I went to my favorites center and went to Kate Elliott's web site. You'll want to go to to the top and hit on "The writing Life". If you are a writer, beginner especially, or one who is in need of some sort of strategies on how to get back on track, you'll want to visit Kate's site. I've been there a couple of times reading her essays on writing, and find that she understands what it takes.

If you get distracted, like I do (I've got ADD), her essay on "Strategies for Writing" is one you might want to check out.And if you are writing any sort of fantasy, you'll need to read her piece called "The Fully Realized World" especially if your novel takes place in centuries past. There are things you might not have considered, and she makes a case for why you need to take certain things into consideration before you make a blunder.

And her piece on "Advice for SFF (first time) Novelists" shouldn't be missed.

I've yet to read anything by her, but my pal, Sumiko, has recommended her books, and I must take her up on these. They sound wonderful.


  1. I had housework to do today, too. Errand runs, too. Managed to read some blogs. Post mine. Wrote 899 words more to Contessa and Arthur. Don't have a real title, yet. Just know it will a novella series. Got it all planned out in my head.

    Anyway, I'm so glad Sweetman knows how to sew.

  2. I must say, Lorelei, you were an angel.

    I often get distracted, but rarely ever by housework.

  3. You're an angel everyday my dear. ;)

  4. Okay, I'm now friends with Kate Elliott--cool--and she's given me her site in a message, hit on it and it went right to her site. I copied it exactly on facebook and it goes to a search engine. Whatever is wrong with my doing it I have no idea why it would go elsewhere. But I'm going to change it in here. Hopefully if you wish to go to her site, you can follow the search engine. That's the best I can do! Sheesh!


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