Monday, May 16, 2011

My Weekend & Updates on the Kitchen

We bought a new coffee maker. News splash, right? Well, when your coffee maker goes out that's pretty much a done deal. The morning it went out was a work day. My resourceful husband went upstairs and dug out the coffee maker we use when we go camping. Thank goodness we still had that. So, we had what we like to refer to as "Chester Good" coffee for about 3 mornings. (Unless you watched "Marshall Dillon", you wouldn't know the joke, so I won't go into it here.)

We had a flier from Kohls, and they had a Black & Decker 12 cup coffee maker on sale for $19.99. That's a good price. I also saw some sandals that I wanted, and talked my dear husband into going there. He had to activate our card (my suggestion because of the savings you can get through it). We needed to go to Walmart too, so we went there first and checked the price of the same damned coffee maker. Here is where you have to realize you don't save so much on things at Wally World. The same coffee maker at Walmart was nearly $25!

Okay, on to Kohl's we go. I had brought our flier, I'm not sure why, but I did. We were having a very easy day of finding everything we needed. Yes, even in Walmart! So, we found the coffee maker, they had plenty of them, at the sale price and my shoes--found the very ones I wanted in my size!!! We get up to the cash register and the woman asked what our discount was today when Dennis handed her his card. We said we didn't know. So she got out these scratch off cards to get our extra discount. I got 15% off the purchase. But wait. She explained that the flier would have had some sort of card you peel off, we said we had it and so I ran out in the cold wind and brought it back. There wasn't any peel off saving card on it. So, because she was nice (and probably a manager), she gave us 30% discount on everything. I basically got my shoes for free!

This morning we had coffee from our new coffee maker. It's black. A nice contrast against the white painted walls that are now finished. I measured the cupboards and cabinets and drawers. While at Walmart Sunday we bought a couple of things for the sink, a new wash basin, sink liners, and a new dish drainer--all in a sort of tan/gold color. Nice to have new stuff. We were looking at the liners they have for cabinets. There's a big improvement on these things, and I think I've picked out some, and will buy in next few weeks. Not now, because they are still working on this. The cabinets need to be finished with clear varnish, and some hardware yet, and the floorboards to be put in, and another cabinet with a vent/fan over the stove and a new ceiling fan/light. We might be able to move back in at the end of the month, we're guessing at the rate everything is going.


  1. I love getting deals and I bet you were happy with those shoes!!

  2. You bet. I don't think I've had such a deal before! Free shoes, I'll take it!


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