Monday, May 2, 2011

To All My Friends, Stalkers & Lurkers: May Updates

Good morning, lurkers, stalkers and friends!

I'm home today. Sort of fortunate I am, since I've done something to my back and I'm in pain. But I'm doing the ice/heat/ice/heat/ice thing. I have scoliosis, and since I don't have health care I can't go to a chiropractor--which is what I would do if I could.

But enough about that.

I'm happy to have the day off. I've gone and visited some of you folks, and looks as though I've won an ebook. I just hope I can down load it. I'd like to read something by Carole Gill. I will give up-date on this as things happen.

Also, I will be posting something from our friend, Sumiko, this week. Last week just dished out more than I could handle, and I did not have the luxury of time to do much on my posts, so this one will be delayed, but will be coming up.

Speaking of give aways, I'm about to have another one. Yes. If any of you have been lurking to see if I'd have another give away for Vampire Ascending, you might just want to take advantage of this one, since I'm not sure when I'll next have another one. I'm just saying.

So, please stay tuned, lurk, or whatever you do to keep posted on when and where I'll be this next week. I love stalkers, so come on out and stalk me!!!

Since I'm in a chatty mood, I've changed my header over on my Vampire Writer's Retreat, I think it's great looking.

I'm also, as some of you know, working on the second book to be sent off to my wonderful publisher, and I'm working on the third book, as time allows, here and there . If I had more time, I'd be able to work on both at the same time, but sort of hard to write while driving a transit bus. I just can't multi-task that!

I'm also working on little titillations for the second book with Yolanda, editor at Copperhill Media, who does fine work on our manuscripts as well as certain blog posts I submit to her for I've sent her something for this week and I'll put the latest link here for any of you lurkers and stalkers, as well as my regulars who actually leave me nice little comments. You all know who you are!

I've got ice on my back, but need to change to heat. I'm not sure how long to do this, I'll wait until the bottom of the hour, I guess.

Also, I'm reading Angelology. I've gotta say, my fellow readers/writers, this is one book I do recommend, if only for the absolute mastery of her telling this tale. I will put together a review once I've finished it.

So, enjoy your second day of May, and stop by often, I love stalkers, lurkers and all my friends out there.


  1. Hope your back gets better. Enjoy the day off despite the pain.

  2. thanks Jen. I'm working on it.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your back problems! I hope the ice and heat helps. Sounds like you need a hot tub! ;)

  4. Sorry to hear about your back problems. Feel better soon!

  5. Heather, wish I had a hot tub. I managed to get my back feeling better, and my husband came in from mowing for 4 hours and now his back is hurting!

    I'm feeling better, M.J. and everyone else who stopped by today. Thank you for your well wishes.


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