Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Love Quiet Sundays

Quiet as a graveyard. . .
We did go into Walmart to grab a bunch of those "stock-up" things. Also made list as we perused the kitchen areas, seeing what they had. Going to go with almond/tan/brown to sort of go with the colors of the floor and the counter top. Work comes to stand still on the weekends. Don't even know if anything will be done on Monday. Very frustrating waiting for things to get completed.

Other than that, over on my Vampire Writer's Retreat, if you recall I went with this picture for the header because I asked a bunch of you to give me your preferences back a few months ago.

Well, I went looking over on photobucket and found something that really looks great. I also decided to give a eensy-weensy titillation for the second book there. Check it out HERE.

I've picked up a couple more followers over on my Vampire's Literature on Writer's Digest blog.

Last night I had a few lines of dialogue in my head for the THIRD book, and had to go ahead and write that into my notes on that. I've been considering the title. I've changed it twice, now. I went from the working title: Necromancer's Dream--because it was going to be about a Necromancer, but then the story just changed. Or rather the characters changed their minds. And I had one surprise character just deciding to drop in. Dracula just wouldn't stay away. So, yes, the historical Dracula is a main character in my third book, and he just happens to be a vampire. How he manages this I'll not reveal, since his head was severed in battle.

So, I changed the title to Beyond the Veil, which worked, but I decided to make it doubly dark I went and changed it to Beyond the Black Veil. I have my reasons. Aside from it being interesting, it has a deeper vampiric meaning.

Well, I think I'd better go and do a little work on the second book, now. Hope your Sunday on this first day of May is quiet and pleasant, too.


  1. Happy May Day! I like the new title, it does give it more of a foreboding feel. Happy writing!

  2. Sounds like you had a good weekend. Are you going to post pictures of the finished kitchen? Love the title of the book, btw.

  3. I will try to post pictures of finished kitchen. I need to get film, and then I'l be able to get them on a disk. That's he only way for now.

    Thanks for stopping by Jen!


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