Friday, June 17, 2011

I Want a Forever Day

Boy, do I need a vacation!

Well, I'll have a week off, soon, and I so just need to do my thing. And a day that is perfect in every way, weather, things that I get done, places I might go, perhaps a nice little lunch. I want it to last forever. Do I want too much?

Well, I've been unsuccessful in figuring out my problems here, but I have updated some things, such as posting. This is a little new, but not that much different really.

The kitchen is done, save for getting handles on the cupboards, and drawers. Who knows when that will happen. When you aren't in charge of when things get done, you just sort of stand back and wait for things to happen. But we did get a new door on the outside basement door. It's a nice solid metal one. They're going to try to improve the conditions down there. I complained about the problems with mold and mildew in my letter. So, things are going to go in that direction. After this is done, the porch will be the focus. And then a new door and landing for the west door--which we have not been able to use in years. The original door is still on it, and it was oak and in bad repair and also we've had creatures gnawing their way through the threshold. They at least covered the holes where the siding had fallen off (again, years ago). Boy, I guess my letter did the trick! I think after they're all done (who knows, I'll looking at this fall) much of this place will be brand spanking new!

And we have a new "guard cat". My husband reports spotting a tiger cat that made itself very comfortable under our truck today, and then scoped out the area for rodents. We've had chipmunks move in this past year. Not what you want, believe me. So, "Chipper", Dennis named him, may be a new resident wild cat in the area. There's plenty for him to hunt around the house, the barn, and other wilder areas around here. He won't go hungry, believe me.
--Oh! Dennis just called me to come and see. It might be a female. She has white front toes, and looks like a gold mixed in, so she might be a calico mix. She was sniffing around the foundation of the house when I saw her. We haven't had a dog in a long while, so we hope she'll stick around. We've had cats come and go, but they're usually wild.

I'm itching to work on a scene I've been thinking about the last few days. This involves a vampire that revealed that he has a foot fetish. I made mention of this over on Lorelei's Writing Journal, just yesterday. I thought it would be a bit funny, a vampire with a foot fetish.

So, I'm off to try and get something done later this afternoon.

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  1. Ah yes, a vacation sounds like just what I need right now, before work drives me officially insane. A vampire with a foot fetish. Ha! That sounds like an interesting story idea! Happy writing!


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