Saturday, June 18, 2011

Which Character On Buffy the Vampire Slayer Are YOU?

Hi, everyone! How are you this Saturday? I had a busy morning, buying a few things at Bed Bath & Beyond for my kitchen.

As you may know I recently bought a second series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I really liked when they were all in school. And you are allowed to hate the principal! Nasty folliclly challenged creature that he is.

I'm watching through the episodes again--I just need my Buffy fix, I guess--and I see that we have teenage types. I was wondering which type I would be. Do you have a type? Not one you would want to be, but the one you would be in school.

You have your ne'er-do-well, Cordelia, who is all about her self/make-up/finding the rich kid she needs to impress, etc. She is rather quick witted when the need arises.

Then There is Willow who is shy, but not exactly a wall flower, and she's a computer geek. She's has a crush on Xander, but he only has eyes for Buffy--and later for Cordelia, and let's face it, his hormones are in control.

Buffy, is your typical teenage hottie, but with a twist. She can kill vampires. Has a vampire boy friend which is on/off for most of the second season.

Angel, is of course your good vampire hot guy--until he loses his soul and then all hell breaks loose.

Spike is the all-time bad-boy vampire guy, likable in his nasty ways, and he really cares about Drusilla.

Drusilla  . . . okay. She's wacko, but damned funny to watch.

And we have Giles. Tweed wearing, bespectacled Watcher who is full of knowledge and really not bad looking, and I love his place--all those stained glass lamps, and he has a whole library to look up incredibly old stuff. Who wouldn't want that? (Okay, I'm the geek here!)

I would have to say I am a Willow. I was painfully shy in high school, had crushes and heart breaks aplenty and I am still quite the geek. Although I'm part Giles because of the book-loving thing. I couldn't be a Buffy because I'm not so brave, although I would love to trade places with her when she's smooching it up with Angel. Grrrrrrr!

So, which character are you most like? You can be two characters, blended, if that helps.


  1. I can't decide who I am but watched the entire seven seasons (several times) and loved it!!!

  2. ~Lorelei says:
    I know, Lizz, I'm watching the one season I"ve got over again. I just enjoy everyone in it, and the story lines. They're good to watch to get me excited about my own writing.


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