Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dust Mops . . . and the JERK who got on my bus today.

Over on my facebook page I asked if anyone knew where I could get an actual DUST MOP.
I've hated it since whoever makes those worthless "Swifters" has made sure that you can not find a frigging dust mop--the rag-type. You know the kind that you could get corners with, and dust over uneven surfaces, etc. Then you shook it out. You could wash them when they got nasty and buy replacements whenever you need them. 
I've looked everywhere. They have huge INDUSTRIAL SIZED ONES! But not the old fashioned kind. I hate when someone thinks we need to '"fix" something that isn't broken.

I know this was all a deliberate plot to make everyone BUY the WORTHLESS Swifters because you have to buy replacements. I vacuum mine off and use them repeatedly. SO THERE!!!

I think I will begin manufacturing my own dust mops, become a billionaire so that I can get tax breaks and loopholes. I love what Buffet has been saying. And he's right. I don't understand why certain members of government are protecting the 400 or so billionaires who wouldn't miss the money they would pay in taxes. It might not "fix" the budget deficet, but hey, we've had this problem for 10 YEARS!

And I'm just a tad P.O'ed today because of the jerk who got on my bus who would not comply with my asking him to step behind the white line, while he argued with me about my telling him "we don't stop (let people off)" at a certain spot. He would not shut the hell up when I tried to explain to him why and so forth. I actually had to raise my voice telling him that I had a re-route and why we were re-routing and he would NOT SHUT UP! And then calls me a bitch--yeah I love the bitch card men like to pull out of the hat when they can't win arguments with a woman. Right. We're all bitches.

I told my supervisor about it, I made sure I got my camera on the jerk while he was being a prime jerk. After I let him off he was still yelling at me as I waited for another passenger to get on saying something about me being sixty years old driving a bus--what the hell? I should have said "At least I've got a job." (Not only that, but his hair style came from his granddad! So, who's 60?) But it was all I could do to not put my bus in park and go out there and kick him where he lives. Yeah. He was tall, but I think I can kick that high! And I'm only 58 years old on the 27th of this month, and I hope to GOD I am NOT driving a bus when I do hit 60! I might have to kill some smart mouthed asshole by then.

So, there you have my Tuesday, but It wasn't all lousy. I still have my friends, and my job. Plus, I don't just drive a bus. I'M AN AUTHOR!!!!

Sorry, I just had to vent. 


  1. Sorry you had a rough day. I wish people weren't like that.

  2. *passes adult beverage...* I'm so sorry you had a rough day! Some days just seem meant to test us. Here's hoping tomorrow is much better!

  3. Thanks Jen and Heather. My husband took me out to dinner. Which was great, right? And what happens when we get there? some dufus is giving the waitress a hard time. Thankfully he left.
    Must have been the day for JERKS to come out of hiding!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about what you went through. May I apologize to you on behalf of men everywhere?

    By the way, if you don't like what Heather is drinking, I've got a Coors Light that you can have.

    Now, who is going to be 58? That hottie sitting at the table in that Facebook Badge photo that sits above the followers of this amazing blog? That one?

    Are we smiling yet? Hope so. *hugs*


  5. Aw, thanks, Jimmy. YOu are a great friend. And may I say, that person on my bus was NO MAN. . . HE WAS A BULLY AND A COWARD.

    Now, as to what I had for a drinky poo last night: a light wine before we went out and I would have had a Coors Light, but they were out at the restaurant.

    Yes I'm smiling [:,

    Thanks to everyone who visits my blog on a steady basis. Even if you don't comment, I know you have stopped by. Have a good one!


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