Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lorelei Addresses the question about Bloomers & Drawers

Hi, everyone. Since yesterday was such a bummer for me, I decided to do something funny here today. Over on a couple of blogs I follow they have been having a little "underwear" challenge. They have to answer several questions. I'm not going to answer a whole lot of them, but I'm just going to have some fun with it.

model wearing drawers
So, here goes!

One of the questions was  Do you have names for your underwear?
Uh. No. I have named pets and my collection of stuffed animals, but not my drawers.

There was a question: What color are they?

Usually I tend toward purple, but they've been white, black, tan, etc.

Another question was if you've even dreamt of being in a crowd with only your underwear on?  NEVER.
Have you ever thrown your panties at a rock star?

Nope. I don't live that exciting of a life. And really. If I were a rock star I don't think I'd want underwear thrown at me. I'd rather have roses and chocolates. Just keep that in mind, 'kay?

You're out of clean panties, what do you do?
I'm never out of clean panties. My husband keeps the laundry kept up really well, and I have some extra pairs just in case.

Are you old enough to remember Underroos?
I'm way old enough.


If you were to have a message printed on your underthings, what would it be?
I actually once had some that had pictures of the Hulk, and a few other monsters on them, but never any messages.

I'm going to change the last question to: Do you ever wear thongs?

Never. Not even on my feet. But really, I don't need to floss between the butt cheeks.
Thank ya, Thank ya very much . . .

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