Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Whatever Wednesday : Review~Dance On Fire by James Garcia Jr.

I've been busy as of late, and so I have not posted much through the week, lately. I've been trying to find coinsiding posts for the days of the week. Such as I have Hunk's Thrusdays, which seems to be popular, Muse Mondays, and now I've got Teaser's Tuesdays--in which I've decided to give a few lines from my up-coming book Vampire Ascending--as long as I don't give anything away, of course.

I think Wedesdays are a tough one, so I'm calling it "Whatever" because I never know what I might have come up that I can blog about. A sort of "free" day post so that if I don't have anything I just won't post.

Todays Whatever Wednesday is a review of Dance on Fire by James Garcia Jr. We sort of book-swapped and he now has my book, if he finds some magical extra hour in a day, he might have time to read it! *wink to you, Jimmy*

From what I remember reading, following his blog and such, I know that he had been working on this book for twenty years and finally had it published with Vamplit Publishing, and I know that was a wonderful moment for him, and I also know that when the paperback verson came out he was so very proud. I do know how that feels.

I liked this story for several reasons. I thought the basic police procedural plot was a good way to hold the tension and keep it tight. Written in 3rd person, and given from different character's POV was well done. I especially like that he told the background of his two vampires throughout the story and it helped not only hold your attention, but also developed the two vampires. You have your basic good against evil, for sure, but I liked that he pit the good vampire against the evil one.

I don't want to give away too much about it, I think you can discover this great book, and I know that he is working on the sequel called Dance on Fire : Flashpoint

You can visit James Garcia Jr. Here.


  1. Hello, Lorelei. You really didn't have to go to all of this trouble, but I so appreciate it. Thanks for giving my little book a chance, and for posting this sweet review. I hope the week is treating you and yours well.


  2. How do you find the time?! It's amazing that you can blog every night.

  3. James Garcia! Kudos to you for noticing that!!!

  4. Hey, Jimmy, it was over due and I finally found the time to put ths up. You deserve it.

    Fc, I don't really get to blog every nght, but if I can, I do.

    Anne, no argumnt there. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  5. Hi, Lorelei! Novels told from different perspectives are always so interesting. You get more to the story, which is awesome especially when it's so good. Great review!

  6. Glad to see everyone dropping by, Lorelei. I don't do happy-dances - I'm a headbanger - but if I did, I'd be doing one now. *laughs*
    My thanks to Laura for dropping by, and also to my good buddy Anne. Very, very cool.


  7. I'll do the happy dance, my friend. I'm quite good at them. :D


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