Saturday, March 10, 2012

VASYL played by...

When I had invisioned Vasyl, his eyes were Byzantine-large, and they would have to be both hypnotic, yet give him the slightest look of a saint who might not be quite so... saintly - if you know what I mean?

When it came to finding an actor who filled the bill I wanted someone with large eyes which can pull you in with out even trying. I knew where to find him, but didn't know what his name was. So, I asked my trusted, long-time friend John Roach, who supplied me with both the actor's name, and the character's name from Forever Knight, and some photos.

Ben Bass played Javier Vachon on the last season of Forever Knight. I think he is perfect for the part... don't you?

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  1. Hmmm...I pictured Vasyl to be more like in his forites for some reason.

  2. If Bass where to play him now, possibly he'd fit that description now. (^;

  3. Hopefully he wouldn't keep the mullet. XD

  4. Yeah, I knew someone would make mention of the mullet. But Vasyl in my book has longer hair, and no bangs. No matter he's hot looking.

  5. David has a discerning eye and can see how Ben would be perfect as my French vampire, Vasyl.

    Thanks David!


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