Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday!

I think that could be considered a double positive... But Happy Friday to everyone!

I don't recall a more beautiful Spring in a long, long time. Everything is still in blossom. The crab apples are brilliant and smell wonderful, as are the lilacs out around our yard. I may have to cut some more soon.

Had a short day at work, and now that I'm home I've sluffed that memory away, and I'll be back at my edits. I should be done with this run-through early this weekend. Once I am I will take a break from it and do some other things, give a few things attention that I've wanted to and get more caught up on things.

Just wanted to make this a short post and hope you all have a great weekend, whatever your plans.


  1. It is a lovely day. We're visiting my family for the week. Off on the road this afternoon. Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

  2. Hasn't been great weather here in Leicestershire, UK, however I've had a really lazy day away from work, so its been good!

    Have a happy Easter ;-)

  3. Sounds like a nice time for you to travel, Christine.

    Hope weather gets better for you, Maria, soon.

    Happy Easter to the both of you!

  4. Happy Easter to you, too, Lorelei.

  5. Right back at you Shelly (^; *smiles & waves*


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