Friday, June 29, 2012


And so we have this new Interface on Blogger. Even before it went in I could not post any pictures. And now the Interface isn't very easy to work with. I can't even get the spell check to work, so, if you see something mispelled, well, that's the reason.

So, if I do any posts you'll have to forgive me for not being able to put any pictures up. This keeps up I may have to move away. I don't want to, but if I can't continue w/o problems then screw it!

Noo! I'm not going to up grade to Goggle Chrome. It would take too long, and after I did what guarantee will I have that things will work? I definitely don't like this at all. I hate this tiny window, and it covers up the options at the top you use for fonts and spell check and so on! I should not have to deal with this, nor should I have to up-grade to anything for it to work!

Blogger gets an F minus! They don't care that people complain, but I'm complaining. This is terrible, it's crap and I don't have to take it!

*sigh and deep breathing*

But I must report that I've had a very good 2 weeks off. I accomplished quite a bit, including getting a short story self-published. I got my flowers all in, and made a few smaller displays so that I can look out at them from my office window. Now, if only we could get some rain! It is crispy dry out here. No one has needed to mow (mow what?), for weeks now!

I think that I've also made new friend ships and have been asked to do guest posts--that I can do, and they can post my pics for me--haha!. I've got a couple coming up, and if I can I'll try and post the links. But they probably wont work, since nothing else is working for me.

So, if you don't see me posting much from here on, the reason is I can't use Blogger's interface. I don't know why anyone has to change anything. It doesn't work for me. So, I may have to get re-aquainted with my old blog on Word Press. I don't like that one much at all. But it may have to suffice for things I have to write about.

But in the meantime, if you can get along without my posting pictures inside my posts, then come on back, but be aware of my trouble.

Thanks to everyone for being wonderful and coming to check out my blog, and commenting once in a while!

Anyway, my Word Press blog site is  (if this link doesn't work, I'm sorry. You can still get there, if you need to).


  1. I'm sorry Blogger is behaving like a butt, not sure why... mine is OK. BUT, I am glad to hear about all your accomplishments.

  2. whoot whoot... blogger in the boot... you can set it back to the old interface... alas another has been taken by the darkside... wordpress.

  3. Thanks Nathan. I should have left things alone. But I still was unable to post pictures.

    Jeremy I'm going to email you, "cousin"!

  4. That's so odd, I've never had those problems with Blogger. I'm so sorry! Do you have a Mac? I know Mac users tend to have more issues with it. Bummer that you're switching, I won't get notices when you update so it will be tougher for me to keep up with you. I'll put your link on my sidebar so I remember to stop by!

  5. Heather, you're so sweet. I just figured out how to return to the old interface. I don't know it anything will change as far as my being able to post a picture. Usually, when I get up in arms about Blogger making things difficult, something happens *POOF* suddenly I can either post, or do something I wasn't able to do before.

    So, I'm not going anywhere for now. I'll wait this out and see what happens. I've got too many friends here to leave. (I thought maybe by threatening someone in charge might pull a leaver or something!)

  6. Was gonna say, I haven't noticed anything aside from the switchover a year ago. Glad you figured it out though! I hate it when stuff like that happens.

  7. Thanks, Hildred. Yep I figured out how to fix this, my up-dated post today reveals what I did to stay and post pics.


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