Friday, June 29, 2012

Up-Dates on my blogging problems

I've gone into my settings a dozen times trying to figure out how I can somehow get an image in here on a blog. I finally tried "old editor". If I can't post pictures in the new settings, this will have to do. I have no idea why it's able to work fine this way.

So, kiddies, it seems to be working now. I don't know about how it will work later on. I'm staying at Blogger, so no need to find me on another website. At least for now.

I hope to give a review of Lara Parker's Dark Shadows: The Salem Branch soon.


  1. Hmm, what browser are you using, L? (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.)

    Could be a cookie issue (not the tasty kind) ... have you tried deleting your Internet 'cache', cookies, history Et al? It's a pain, but sometimes those things get all twisted and/or corrupted and need to be reset.

    Haven't had any problems (that I've noticed) with Blogger of late, but I'm only posting once a week so who knows? Just might not of caught it yet.

  2. I'd have to say I've probably got Explorer.

    And doing anything computer-wizardly is not in my job description... the only way I know how to delet cookies is to eat cookies (^;

    Plus the way you've put it, it sounds like a colonoscopie {sorry can't spell it}
    But, I'm fine for now until the great up-heaval next time.

    Thanks for chiming in, E.!

  3. Glad you found a way to fix your problem.

  4. Yeah. It may not be the correct solution, but if it works (like duct tape!) what do I care?


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