Monday, October 15, 2012

Mother Cat's Check in ~ They Grow So Fast!

Gone are the really hot days, as the weather turns colder. And I'm eating more. Well, I am feeding for about five to seven of us! Yes, I feel the quickening of motherhood upon me again. I will have to find a place soon. Not sure if the one I used before this will suit me. It was rather tight quarters. However, it is close to food and water provided for me. I manage to find moments when I can trot off to be alone from my little clan--those I dropped in mid-summer. They aren't as clingy and needy of me as they once were. They are growing and learning so much!

Why just the other day we were under the big trees, in the short grass, when two of my eldest were investigating the dug-up earth, when a squirrel made the unwise choice to scamper out into the grass. Sure, he was a good distance away, but still, the movement and his audacity stirred these two into action. They went down into a crouch, watching the thing go about its business looking for nuts, or whatever the stupid thing does.

Then surprising me and everyone, they both charged the squirrel. The thing ran, of course, toward the nearest tree, but sensing no danger from my two babes, it stopped.
Both kittens stopped, and looked back at me, as if to see if this was what was expected. But they stopped for barely a second, and looked back at their target. Then, they charged again, chasing it up the tree.

Oh, I could not have been more proud of my little tikes! Soon, they may bring something down. As it is, we are always on the look out for some small tidbit. Mice will not find their way into this house!
Now to do something about that chipmonk who lives in the backyard in the hole in the ground....


  1. You really do have a way getting into her head!

  2. Well, thank you, William. I am somewhat psychic. Even with animals. And she's and easy read LOL.

  3. Maybe she can start her own kitty baseball league soon. Lol

  4. Might work, since they already are a soccer team!LOL


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