Saturday, November 3, 2012

Kitty Check-in & Up-dates

Hello, my pretties. How have you all been? Halloween is over. Boo-hoo. But I'm moving onward. No. Not doing the NaNo thing. I don't need to make myself crazy. Or, crazier than I already am (tee-hee). I've been going through the edits from my beta reader, Shelly Arkon *waves and chocolate hugs, Shelly*. I'm nearly done with it too. I'll be setting my Spell of the Black Unicorn aside for a month, after and continue work on my 5th in the Sabrina Strong Series, and try to finish a novelette.

So, I've been in my bat cave (writing cave to you all), and have not been able to do much posting. However, as a treat I thought I'd turn this over to my wild kitties. Take it away, Half-Pint!

"Hi. It's me. Half-Pint. It has become colder here. But the days still become warm, sometimes the sun comes out and it's nice to take naps under the low branches of the pine trees. It's now our favorite place to hang. It makes for good cover. My sister, Long-Hair, has found that crouching near the watering bowl is a good spot too. Birds come to it. She's very fast. I do believe she may be the first of us to catch an unsuspecting bird."

"No. I'll be the first!"

"That's my bigger idiot brother, Tango. He's always boasting." *Half-Pint turns to his brother."Shut up, stupid. I'm working here. My mistress has given me permission to be here on the blog. Not sure what a blog is, but my mistress thinks I'm more special than the rest of you."

"Snot." *Tango's ears go back*

"Whatever. You think you're so cute when you roll over on your back and show your belly to the humans. Then, when they go to pet you, you snag their hands (which they've covered, and that's a good thing), and bite. That's not nice."

"Shut up, snot."

"I know how to get the attention. I don't bite. I don't claw--well, not often. And I get more attention than you." *Half-Pint turns his back on Tango*

"The both of you disgust me."

*They look at their sister Long-Hair who has padded up.*

"I wouldn't be caught dead being touched by a lowly human. That's so demeaning." *Long-Hair settles on her haunches and licks her white paw.*

"Yeah, and yet you can't wait to jump on the food when it's brought out," Tango snarls.

"There's a difference in eating from a bowl and being petted. Although I'll admit the male human has touched me a few times." *Long-Hair licks her paw a few times, looking uninterested.*

"Whatever. Anyway, I'm just trying to tell the people out there how busy our mistress is. I'm not sure what she does inside her big cave, but she calls it writing. Whatever that is. Meanwhile, we're out here doing our thing. Right?"

"Whatever, poop-for-brains. I'm going hunting." *Tango walks off, disappearing into the dense woods.

"You going to climb that big tree again, sis?" *Half-Pint looks at his sister.*

"No." *Long hair stretches and yawns.* "I think I'll take another nap. Wanna come and cuddle up and keep me warm?"

"Maybe later. I think I'll go beat up my brother a little bit. Oh. Uh, Okay I think I'm done with saying stuff to you humans out there." *Half-Pint trots away, catching up to his sister. He jumps on her. She turns over on her back, claws out, biting. They tumble, bite and then part and go on their way.*

Author's note: Long-Hair is formerly known as Captain Jack/Jackie (after having figured out she's a girl) She is the only cat with long hair and different markings.


  1. The kitties are cute.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Yep. They sure are!
    Chocolate Hugs, Shelly (^;

  3. I think I told you this a while ago or maybe I just thought it, but I love your vampire creapster on your blog and book cover. Did you draw it?

    And it looks like you love Halloween as much as I do. I have all my decorations still up (Tim Burton style) and they will stay that way the rest of the year. What I do is get Santa hats for my gouls and on my spooky tree stretched across my wall, I'm making ornaments to hang from their limbs. It makes for a perfect Christmas. :)

  4. Hey, Rachell, thanks for popping in. You might have said it. And no, sadly, I did not draw it. A lot of people think so. Maybe I should take credit?

    Your decorations sound perfect! Happy belated Halloween!

  5. The kitties are so cute!

    Of course, it is demeaning for one of us lower life forms to touch them...

  6. So very true. And yet I can't help but want to!


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