Sunday, December 30, 2012

Holy Writing Cave, Batman!

Okay, yeah. I'm in a silly mood.
I've been not posting because I've been bizzzzzzy. 'Kay? Been in my Writin' Cave, this past ten days. I have not gone anywhere and have not seen anyone, except my huzzie for 4 days! I've become a hermit for sure.

Aside from working on 3 separate books all at once. (Yes I am deranged, but the doctor says that this won't hurt me a bit--so much for doctors.) These would be Sabrina Strong books #4 & 5, plus my Spell of the Black Unicorn which I hope to turn into an ebook in the coming year--Indie, of course.

During the second pass through of my fifth novel in the Sabrina Strong Series, I'm getting ideas for #6. I had the title: Vampire Requiem (tres cool?) Wellllll, you know. I always leave a dog-gone cliff hanger at the end of my books (at least lately).  And it works the same on me as it does the readers: I WANT TO KNOW WHAT COMES NEXT!!!

I've been making notes, just jotting them down on paper as well as in a word doc.--called #6 Notes. Then, last night I was about to open the 8th (and last one I have) in the House of Night series books, and these lines comes to me and I write them down:

Here's the original:

Vasyl shifted in the kitchen chair.
"Wait," Lindee said. "If you're gonna move, I'm gonna take off your ear." She stood with sharp scissors in her hand.

That's what I wrote down last night.
This original line (above), had my speaker in it. I took it out. Why spoil it for the reader? Make them get past that first line, get them into the scene and then you can identify the speaker. Am I wrong? Plus I rearranged things.

Then this morning I typed it up on my Notes, and saw how it could sound much better.(Revised):
"Look. I'll take an ear off if you move again."
I gaped at my cousin, Lindee, who wielded the scissors over Vasyl's head.
Vasyl made a little growl of annoyance. He sat in my kitchen blinking under bright overhead bulbs with a bath towel arranged over his shoulders. Clippings of his wavy hair on the floor looked like a black rug that ten cats had clawed and a dog had chewed for good measure. I had managed to gather a thick, wavy tail from the drastic cutting Lindee had done to my husband's hair for a keepsake.

So, this morning, with this first line glaring at me, I broke down and made a brand new document called Vampire Requiem. I don't do this--make a book document--unless I feel that something is flowing. I definitely felt it this morning.

I remember working on book #4. Feeling like I always do, asking myself will there be a "next book"? I never know. And then while I'm either working on edits or something, ideas begin to take form. I write them down, get thse scenes/dialogue writting out. And then BLAM! Like someone hit me over the head, I've got scene after scene just rushing out of me... I have to have a small hand-held recorder at times so that I can simply talk into it and get this crap down because it comes to me like lightning strikes and I know if I don't get it down it WILL BE GONE!

Yes. My next few books are a ways away from being published. But I don't wait to write them if they are there. I just came across a post I did on my other blog Lorelei's Writing Journal, and found something I'd written back in May of 2011 about Drakulya, who is in my third novel. This was almost two years ago, and I already had my scenes going for that third one--and this novel isn't even out yet. Gak!

So, that's my report coming up on the end of this year. Hope you all have a grand time ringing in the New Year! I'll catch you up later, my pretties.


  1. What kind of energy drinks do you guys have there, Lorelei? Lol! I need to get me some. Well, whatever you're doing seems to be working wonders, my friend. Keep it up.
    Happy New Year, my dear.


  2. I'm looking forward to my big chunk of writing time tomorrow morning. I'm off the next two days. I've got notes in my Iphone App on some characters that I'm excited about.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. Just coffee, Jimmy,hon. Plus I've been off for 10 days, got this week off and then I go back to work--GAK!

    Happy New Year to you, buddy!

    Yay, Shelly has time to write ! Go for it hon... chocolate hugs!

  4. in bee. Got cha!
    Happy New Year Jeremy!

  5. Thanks, that's what I thought, too, William. (^;


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