Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Brand New Year! & Teaser Tuesday

Photo: Let the count-down begin...

Well, here we are into a brand new year. Some of us are happy to see the old one go out. And like some of you, hoping for good/better days to come. Optomism. That's the key!

I'm giving you another teaser from one of my published books in the Sabrina Strong Series. Those of you who have read the first two might remember this scene where Sabrina finally meets Vasyl face-to-face after being rescued from a car accident, and being shot.

I knew I wasn't asleep but in a fog--or rather deep in a vampire's thrall. I recognized that when I opened my eyes as the thrall lifted. The aroma of straw and horses caught in my nose. I realized that I lay in a bed of straw in the second floor of a barn. Most importantly, my Knowing also told me that I wasn't alone. He was here with me.

My movements set in motion the male form across from me. Vasyl slowly turned around. His dark silhouette bisected silver moonlight framed in the open haymow door in the upper section of the barn. His white silk shirt almost glowed against the ebony of his long, waby hair. The wings were gone, now. Invisible, or whatever it was master vampires could do with them.
copyright 2011 Lorelei Bell

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