Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Projects for 2013

Wishing all of my fans a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Everyone is posting (or thinking) about what they want to accomplish in the new year. I've been doing this for a long time, and find that large projects, like novels, take time. You need time to work on the novel in first draft. In some cases, at least for me, I need 4-6 months to write a full-length one in my category (urban fant). I've only had one take me 3 months to write--that was really unusual. And still, it needed to have details put in afterwords, and some scenes I didn't write because I didn't have the scene at that time but knew if I stopped putting it down, I'd be frustrated. A writer does not want to be frustrated by a scene that just won't come. You go on to the next, or the next chapter, or whatever bit you know you want to do. If anything, make a separate document and get it all down.

So, for me this past year has seen a wake up call to realize I wanted to get my first ever published book Spell of the Black Unicorn revised and re-published in an ebook format. Since I self-published it, this will be easy to do. Right now I'm working on editing this manuscript. It needed a lot of work. The very beginning (a dream), is gone. I had people complain that it was confusing. So, it's gone. I plop everyone right down in Zofia Trickenbod's life and we go from there on a crazy ride in the life of a sorceress who is from another world, hiding out on Earth from an evil sorcerer. Her family is with her-- all but her husband (sorcerer), who she believes is dead. But she opens the door to him in that first chapter and learns he has been turned into a vampire, and the fun begins.

The original book took 5 years to develop, writing draft after draft, come up with the unusual words and phrases, the concept, plot and even their religion, world and the sorcery. It was something inspired by the Harry Potter books--but for adults in mind. Adult situations are within the pages, including a rape scene. Aside from some of the more tense scenes, such as her son being abducted by a demon, and her being raped by this demon, this book is light-hearted in its approach. I  think any writer who works this long and hard on a book that they could not sell to an agent (for whatever reason), and finally had the chance to self-publish and DID, one would understand why I feel so strongly about getting this book out there again for readers to enjoy... at a much lower price. The original book was something like $18. I had no control over that price. Not to complain, I did make a good royalty, even on those books I bought for myself, and I made back the price I paid to have my first ever book printed and destributed.

So, this book is in the wings and it will be available in a month or so.

Some of you who read/follow this blog know I've been working on my next books in the Sabrina Strong Series. This past year I've submitted the third book Vampire Nocturne, to the publisher (and still am waiting on the edits), I've finished fourth book, Vampire Caprice, then went on and continued work on book #5 Vampire Crescendo, Yes! I finished two books this year. Vampire Caprice was the one I finished in 3-4 months in 2011, and got it into a final draft this year. Book #5 is in a first draft, but is finished.

Now I'm working on #6, Vampire Requiem, and in between editing Black Unicorn, I'll probably have this one done in four or five months. I had thought that I would want time off from writing this series, but it's like I'm following Sabrina around  in her world and taking notes. Can't help it.

I do have plans for these later books but I'm not going to reveal them right now. Time is on my side and I will use it to my advantage.


  1. Sounds like you have been really busy, and have lots of ideas and projects to take you into 2013...

    I hope all goes well for you. :-)

  2. Good for you! I enjoyed editing and reading Black Unicorn for you, too. And making the book lighthearted helped with the rape scene, too.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  3. Hey Maria, thanks for stopping in and leaving comment and your well wishes!

    Shelly, thanks. It was a sticky moment there for me to decide how to handle it.

    Chocolate hugs and cocoa thrown in!

  4. Lots to do! I wish you the best of luck!

  5. You're going to be exceedingly busy!

  6. Yeah, and naturally, now that I'm back to work, my brain won't shut down at all, and I need to keep making notes! Sheesh!


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