Sunday, April 28, 2013

Meeting Other Authors

Photo: Good morning, my darlings! This is enough to scare you awake, I would think? Or scare you AWAY... ya-ha-ha!
Good morning, my pretties. Sorry I've been neglecting you all, but things have gotten into the Spring-cleaning mode around here, inside and out. Yes, winter has finally gone away and I took the plastic off my windows (finally!). We'll be right into the summer temps soon, and I'm happy as a tick on a dog... or Dracula after a nice feed. Same difference.

So, as many of you know, I went to a little (book signing) thing the other night. I only sold one book, but the other people didn't show and I had to leave early, as my stomach was growling and I'm not a happy camper when that happens. Plus, my husband was home waiting for my return.

I had a good time and I met a wonderful author, Andrea Jones. Possibly some of you have heard of her, or more likely you've seen the cover of her book, "Hook & Jill"?

I was seated next to this lovely woman with the longest, thickest hair I think I've seen in ages. She sat at her table, covered in delightful things, like antique book holders to hold her tomes--her second book Other Oceans is in excess of 500 pages (hardbound, of course). She had T-shirts with the covers on them, and some posters. Oh, yes and some jewelry that she said her daughter had made that went with the book. She said that it was a good idea to have various things in order to make even a little sale. How I know that.

I was like a poor relation sitting next to her. I had no table cloth, no extra doo-dads to pull people to my table. I don't do these things often--not at all, really. But I had no expectations, and I really wasn't all that exited about being there because I only had a few books, and these things never really pan out for me.

The wonderful thing about going, however, is I got out of it was meeting other authors.

Andrea and I hit it off. I found out that she grew up in rual/small town settings too. Now she lives in Chicago, but is originally from Rock Island. So, she's very local.


  1. Thursday, when I go to my book signing, I'll go armed with chocolate. I'll be the crazy lady wearing a wedding veil.

    Glad you met another author with some good tips for you.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  2. Hey, wishing you gobs of luck on this, and what a great idea for the wedding theme.

    You go girl!

    chocolate hugs, Shelly!

  3. You do wind up making the most unusual of connections sometimes with strangers.


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