Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Night @ The Ellwood House & Celebration of a Milestone ('Spell of the Black Unicorn' turns 5 years old!)

I've been keeping this under my hat for a while. Mainly because it's an event that not only features me, but 3 other authors, plus a slew of gifted performers and sounds like there will be a fashion show, and who knows what all.

It's in DeKalb at the visitor center (below), at the historical Ellwood House in DeKalb, Ill.
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On Friday April 26th, from 4-7 pm event series "Borders Nith Out" returns for its 3rd show at the Ellwood House visitors center! Written and directed by the former employees and regulars of Borders Books DeKalb, the series was relaunched in Sept of 2012. Managed by Jessica Arriaga.

Special guest hosted by fashion modeling superstar: Sabrina DiGiovanni of Beauty Look Magazine.
$5.00 at the door. All ages.

Four themed fashion walks set to the music of Fleewood Mack by the Ladies of Borders Nite Out. Featuring Lola DeLo, Sarah Henneke, Ashley Lucero and many others.

Meet published authors-
Deanna Francis who will be signing her new book 'Taking Chances' She was recently featuring in the A&E section of the Daily Chronicle.
Jo Fredell Higgins with her books 'DeKalb' and 'Aurora' from Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series. This is her 4th Borders Nithg Out appearance.

Anderea Jones with her books Hook & Jill and Other Oceans. Andrea has appeared in several Borders Nith Out events over the years and is always a guiding light in the shows.

Lorelei Bell celebrating the 5th anniversary of her first novel, "Spell of the Black Unicorn" Lorelei was in the very first Borders Nite Out in Dec. of 2008 and her she is in the brand new one!

Handmade jewelry for sale and display by Ashley Ney. Jewelry and ViSalus display by Rachel & Adam Muller (of Borders Nite Out)
Live music by Amanda and Andrew, Mitch Munns with Rachel Cozzola, Mark w/Mia Lynell, Danielle Pivonka, and other musical guests!

Well, you get the picture. Yes, I'm celebrating my very first, self-published work Spell of the Black Unicorn, which I self-published almost 5 years ago. I am now working on putting it up as an ebook. I hope to get it finished by the end of this month, and have it out as an ebook by May.

When Daniel Sherrill told me about how these events had really taken off, I thought, why not go to the next one. Of course this means (gak) I have to go out in public (I'm part turtle, and hide my head a lot). Also (gak) find something that fits me and looks nice--gained too much weight over the winter and I just can't loose it no matter how much I try.

I'm hopeful there will be so much going on--well everyone will be looking at the ladies on the catwalk and listening to the music--I won't have to feel like I'm in the spotlight. Especially when there's going to be 3 other authors. Hmm. I've invited friends and hope they come out for this one.

So, that's what I'll be doing this Friday night. Wish me luck... in finding something that fits me.

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