Friday, April 12, 2013

Sabrina is Not a Happy Camper

Okay, I've just been on another world, and you'd think I'd be happy to get back, but damn it! Men. They're all the same. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Love them, that is.

What? You mean you didn't know I was even gone? Well, I was. It was not something I could get around, being sucked into a portal is not too much fun and then trying to find my cousin and on another world where vampires rule. You try taking on the king of vampires and see if you come back at all without being impaled!

Why am I so grouchy? I'll tell you. I'll tell you... Vasyl is leaving me alone. He realized I hadn't gotten over Dante (you remember, the shiftchanger I was seeing and then we quit seeing one another because of his master--that damned Bjorn Tremayne--told him to keep his hands off me. Screw him! Bastard!) I happened to be in love with him (Dante), and then everything went too fast when Vasyl asked me to marry him. At the time, I didn't know Dante was so sick he would die. I figured if he wasn't interested in me, I'd marry someone who was!

But now Vasyl is letting me mend my broken heart, even though we're married. I'm so messed up, angry, I just want to spit.

And now things have happened in a way that might screw everything up.
Oh, crap, I can't tell you much, if you haven't read the book,Vampire Nocturne

You see, when Dante died (in Vampire's Trill he came to me in his astral shell, and gave me a stone that I keep with me always. I wore it while on Beyond the Black Veil. Then, while I killed the Dreadfuls, it collected their essence. Very creepy. And then at a moment when things looked really bad for me, he appeared. Well, Dante was a bear first, and fought off a couple of vampires while I was tied to a chair and they were draining me. God. I hated that place! Then he appeared to me, and killed someone who was all part of the plot to kill me.

So, yeah. Dante is back. I'm in two minds what to do. He's not exactly human, though. He's still, like sort of... well all the way dead, but more than a ghost. I haven't figured out what he is, and he's staying away as well. So, yeah. Dante is back in my world. And with Vasyl staying away it's making me crazy--we haven't even consumated our marriage yet!!

Thanksgiving is coming up (book #4 Vampire Caprice due out in December 2013), and Bill Gannon is still staying across the street in Mrs. Bench's house pretending to be her grandson. I know he's the off-spring of Nephilim (a few generations), and what he wants with me... well, I'm not going to go into that right now. It's like what the vampires all want from me, since I'm the sibyl and there's this prophesy that says I'm supposed to bring the dhampire into the world. I'm not willing to let them have their way with me. I'm just not in a mothering sort of mood right now.

So, I'm just trying to stay sane. Maybe I can have a normal, very human Thanksgiving? You see, I can't tell my brother and his wife about my troubles. They don't even know I'm married, let alone married to a vampire. Oh, that would be fun to blurt out in front of my brother and all my relatives--especially my grandma. No, wait. Maybe bring Vasyl to Thanksgiving dinner? No... I couldn't. I just couldn't do that.  Could I?


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